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Spec Ops: The Line Walkthrough Chapter 13: Adams

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From the starting area go forward.

Go past the yacht labelled "Majestic" ahead of you towards the next yacht ahead.

Go to the rigtht inside the yacht and head to the back.

Go to the left and vault over the wall to proceed forward.

Vault over the boat sticking out of the sand, but take cover behind the second one.

There are enemies ahead to kill.

You only have the DEagle right now so make your shots count.

Watch out for enemies that will flank around to you.

If you do die here you may get a strange cutscene of Konrad which then loads back in as if what just happened was a dream. Strange.

Anyway, take out any enemies in your way quickly as soon you will get a "down but not out" meter for Adams who is a few meters ahead of you on the right.

Run quickly around the boats to the right and help Adams get back up.

Turn around quickly and take out the enemies flanking behind you.

Then turn back around and kill all the enemies charging at you from the boats ahead.

There will also be a heavy you'll need to kill that comes from the left.

Be careful to also watch the right side as enemies will often be taking cover over to that side.

When all the enemies are dead head forward towards the boat ahead.

Go to the right and jump down to the area below.

Keep going forward and then veer to the left.

Head up the dune ahead but be careful- there are more enemies coming up ahead.

Take cover behind a cement block.

This part of the game, really since saving Adams, is the toughest and the game doesn't pull any punches anymore so keep an eye on all sides.

Remember to also take out those guys on your right.

When you get close enough you can take out the sniper in the balcony of the yacht just ahead.

When it's clear head up the left side towards the yacht.

Another enemy may come out of the boat, so be careful. Kill him as soon as he pops out.

Head inside and to the left.

Head towards and up the stairs on the left side. Watch out, though, there are enemies above.

As soon as you come up the steps shoot the two or so enemies waiting there.

At the back side of the yacht there is some grenades.

There is also an M-99 sniper rifle you can use which is basically a one shot kill, but doesn't have a lot of ammo.

When you're ready to proceed go back towards the stairs and jump down the broken part of the wall.

Immediately look to your left side and take out the enemies coming over the ridge.

Then run to cover ahead and turn to your right and kill the enemies taking cover inside the boat.

When it's clear head towards the dune the enemies were coming from.

Take cover behind the wall just ahead.

There's a sniper on top of the yacht ahead so kill him before he gets a shot on you.

Head around to the right side of the yacht and kill the enemies that come at you from over the side.

Take a left and go into the boat and take cover behind the wall. Kill the enemies running at you from ahead- keep in mind the sniper up top as well.

When it's clear you can vault over the wall and take cover ahead to clear out more enemies.

Then head to the right.

At the end of the path jump down into the hole.

Continue forward behind Adams.

At the door Adams will stop Walker to discuss his misgivings with how everything has gone and how it is affecting Lugo. Walker maintains his authority. Adams is respectful of this, but is no longer ok with it.

When they are done talking keep going forward and then to the left and around the right corner.

Outside there is some grenades and ammo you should pick up if you need it.

Then run forward towards the next yacht in the sand (from the left side).

When you get inside immediately take cover at the first indentation in the wall and turn around.

A knife guy will run in so be ready to shoot him ASAP!

You can move around cover on the inside of the yacht to take out the enemies flanking around the back side of the yacht.

On the right side a Heavy will attack. I recommend throwing a sticky at him and pumping his face full of shotgun shells.

When it's clear head out and around to the front of the stairs.

Watch up top of the stairs, though, because there are a few enemies above.

Kill anyone hiding up here.

Then head into cover as more enemies will attack the boat.

You can attack the ones running up, but shortly after they run up another sandstorm comes.

I recommend taking position so you have a view of the stairs. All the enemies (for the most part) will run up the stairs so you can kill them as they come up the stairs.

Inch towards the stairs to make sure it's clear. You'll know when they are all dead because the sandstorm will cease.

There will still be more enemies below, so make sure you kill them before running down the stairs to your doom (both left and right sides).

Head back around the stairs and take cover inside the boat to mop up any remaining enemies.

Then vault over the side of the boat and head towards the next boat ahead.

Head up over the sand and you'll come towards a makeshift door.

When you get to the door Adams will kick it open and you can proceed forward.

You probably got a com from Lugo around here. He's been captured by pissed off locals. Run ahead and to the left.

Continue down the path.

Keep going down and to the right.

Then head to the left which will trigger the next cutscene.

The locals are hanging Lugo. Walker and Adams quickly shoot him down.

Walker tries to revive Lugo but it is too late. Possible due to exhaustion and dehydration, but Lugo does not make it.

This is another point where you make a choice: this time the choice is how you react to this. You have to remember that these events have happened because of your interference and the locals are trying to protect themselves.

You can choose to massacre the locals.

Or you can choose to shoot into the air.

You cannot proceed until you make one of these choices. Whichever choice you make Adams will follow suit. Therefore, if you decide to shoot civilians Adams will too. If you shoot in the air, Adams will do this also to scare the locals off.

When you are clear to proceed head forward and to the left.

This is a civilian area so if you want to be a jerk I suppose you can kill people although I am not sure if anyone else is here if you go on a killing spree.

Continue down the path.

Then head around the corner to the right.

Head around the railings to the stairs just ahead.

Go around the barbwire up to the gate.

Kick open the gate to trigger the next cutscene.