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Spec Ops: The Line Walkthrough Chapter 15: Welcome

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After the cutscene is done head forward further into the aquarium.

You can look around a bit if you like- it really is nice in here.

Go up the stairs towards the soldiers ahead.

These soldiers are the last of "The Damned 33rd" and they are surrendering themselves to you.

Step inside the elevator.

When you get to the top head to the left. Walker will again be contacted by Konrad.

Just so you know, if you decide to explore Konrad's condo he will make comments on it, and become impatient, so it's kind of fun to do that just to hear his comments.

Anyway, head up the stairs at the back and continue to the right.

You'll see Konrad at the back of the room painting.

You will have a "face to face" conversation with Konrad, finally. I won't say anymore about this cutscene, Enjoy.

When they are done discussing things, and beginning to confuse you, head around the painting towards the chair at the back of the pool area.

Another cutscene here. I won't spell it with text. Watch it.