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Spec Ops: The Line Walkthrough Chapter 12: Rooftops

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After the cutscene you load in on a open blue skyway ahead. Go ahead and go that way.

Keep moving forward towards the skyline ahead.

You'll come to a portion of the roof that is broken off. Drop down to the floor below.

There is another beautiful cityscape view here.

When you're done enjoying the view head to the right.

You want to go all the way down and to the right down the stairs.

Head around the stairs to the left side towards the broken part of the railing.

Drop down through the railing to the floor below and continue forward until you get to another drop.

Drop down again another floor and turn around.

There is a door behind you. You might want to take cover.

If it's clear head inside and take cover to the right side. You will see the snipers perched in the room ahead. You can give a kill order to your squad and move in with them and you will be able to take out all three at once.

After you've cleared the room, and gotten any ammo you need, head to the right through the door.

Around the corner on the left is several more enemies to kill.

When it's clear run to the nook on the right side of the corridor and take cover behind the wall closer to the room ahead.

As you clear ahead of you you can move further into the room taking cover closer which will give you a better aim on your enemies.

Head to the wall ahead of the chairs and take cover but look to the left side to take out any enemy hiding in the office over there.

Then round the corner on your right and through the office.

Take cover in the second office and you should be able to take out a few enemies in the foyer ahead and to the left.

When it's clear move into the next office ahead of the one you're in and you can get a better vantage on the room.

Keep an eye on the roof as well for any snipers.

When it's clear head further into the room and take cover behind a couch to take out any remaining enemies.

Then head forward and through the door at the other side, but take cover behind the box as there are snipers.

You can order Lugo to take them out or work together but take out two or three enemies on the roof across the way.

Then head down the walkway to the zip line.

Take the zip line down, through the next building, all the way to the bottom. Walker will land on an enemy ahead.

Strange things continue to happen. Walker is seeing the enemy as Adams. It's not Adams though, it's part of Walkers PTSD. If you don't kill him he will kill you so shoot him.

See, Adams is fine and wondering whats wrong with you.

Anyway, head up the stairs ahead, and to the right.

Go through the door at the top and up more stairs.

Then go to the right towards a bathtub.

Head around and behind the bathtub and jump out the window onto the ledge just outside.

Then head to the left down the catwalk.

At the end go up a ramp, but duck down as there are enemies who haven't seen you yet on the opposite roof.

Head in a little ways and take cover by a wall that suits you.

There is several weapons and ammo here if you need. I do recommend using a sniper rifle for this part as the distance is substantial and it's easier to take aim with a sniper rifle here.

Take out any enemies below; remember you can order Lugo to do so as well.

When it's clear you can switch back to your weapon if you dropped one you prefer then go over to the zip line at the far left side.

Take the zip line down to the patio on the other building.

This scene is kind of creepy. It's weird that they have so many mannequins here. Or maybe they don't? It's hard to say if they are real or not.

Anyway, head forward through the door.

Then head around and into the door on the far side of the courtyard.

Take the stairs inside up and to the left.

Keep heading up behind Lugo and Adams. There are three flights of stairs or so.

At the top you get to some kind of condo. Head around to the left.

Go around the bar in the center and to the left.

Go around and up into the staircase. This will trigger the next cutscene.

You will meet the radioman here who shows Lugo how to use his radio system.

Lugo then kills him. To be fair, he is rather annoying.

After the cutscene ends go back down the stairs.

If you recall enemies dropped in by helicopter so you want to get back around outside to trake their chopper.

Take out any enemies inside the condo and head back around.

Take cover to peek around corners just in case and head back to the staircase.

Go back down all the stairs.

At the bottom take cover behind a box as some more enemies will burn through the door you came in originally. When they open it shoot away. I believe there are four enemies at the doorway.

When it's clear move forward and take cover by the door and clear out any more enemies ahead.

When you're able to, move forward and take cover behind the bar. At this point most of the enemies should be coming from the staircase on the left.

As it's clear head to the stairs to go up, but be careful.

There are usually more enemies that show up as you get to the top.

Round the corner to the right from there and take cover to take out enemies in the area ahead.

When that is clear move ahead a little to the right to shoot enemies around on the right corner.

Then take cover and look around to the left to take out any remaining enemies ahead of you.

Be careful, though, as there is a knife guy that will run at you. Take him down.

Move forward, taking out any enemies in the way, continuing to stay in cover.

Move ahead further in to the green boxes to make sure its clear. Slip out when you can and head to the stairs.

Head up the stairs to get in the chopper. Bare in mind that Lugo stayed behind to cover you guys while you got to the chopper so now you have to cover him as he heads back.

Take out any enemies that are in Lugo's way.

There are a lot of enemies on the left side as well as up on the top left.

You can explode the big tanks here as well for good crowd control.

Lugo should eventually get to the stairs and get in the chopper. Note: if he stops at some point and doesn't move and no more enemies spawn the game has bugged out and you will have to reload. The check point is at the beginning of this turret cover sequence so it's not too bad if that does happen (I've only had this happen once).

After the cutscene Adams will take off so kill any enemies below you.

The chopper will fly around the radio tower here. This part seems more for catharsis than anything but go ahead and shoot everything.

Watch for enemies as you move around to the pool area as well.

Once you swoop around to the back of the radio tower you should be able to start shooting it up. Just shoot out all the glass you can see. It really is kind of fun in it's own way, and feels good.

You'll swoop around to another emplacement of enemies so watch out for that and take out anyone shooting at you.

Shoot out more windows as you swoop around and you should see more enemies now on the radio tower so shoot down those guys as well.

Clear out any remaining windows as you make your final pass.

Once all the windows are down you shoot the sattelite dish to finish the tower up. This should begin the tower collapsing.

You'll get another cutscene as the radio tower falls.

Then you'll be in a familiar setting.

Walker will mention that you have done this before; at the beginning of the game. Very strange. The only difference on this one is occasionally the choppers will now shoot missiles at you. If you see a red target just shoot it.

Other than that this is basically the same exact thing as the beginning so shoot down all the choppers.

Eventually one of the choppers you shoot down will crash into the chopper you are in and a cutscene will play.

Walker wakes up in some kind of hellscape. Really it's more of a nightmare he's having.

There are bodies to the left and right and dead men haunt Walker as you move forward.

At the end of the path Walker will collapse.

A cutscene plays as you see the landscape burn.

Then Walker will awaken back in Dubai. Wait... Where are Lugo and Adams?