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Spec Ops: The Line Walkthrough Chapter 10 - Part 1: Riggs

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After the cutscenes finish head out of the cement pipe.

Lugo and Adams will have a conversation with Walker.

Head to the left.

Keep going forward into the tent past the "NO more WATER" sign.

Head through the tent and to the right.

Continue forward and vault over the pile of trash blocking the way.

Adams briefly discusses his reservations with everything that has happened thus far and that he doesn't agree with Walker's current command decisions, but he says that he still trusts him. Pick up any ammo or grenades you need and proceed forward.

Up ahead you will come to a dead body. You can pick up some M4 ammo here then go up the stairs on the right.

You will hear gunfire ahead so stay low and proceed to the left.

Round the corner (and to the right) you will see a RPG gunner. Kill him and head into cover ahead.

From cover here take out any enemies you can see below. Be careful as they try to flank from the far right where you can't see from here.

Vault over this position and go back up the stairs a little to take cover behind a fallen vending machine.

You can snipe at enemies from here with a better visual of the field.

Keep an eye on the right side where any enemies could be flanking you.

When it's clear head down the stairs.

Pick up any ammo you need on the way and head up the staircase on the far right side.

Inside you will trigger a cutscene where you will meet Riggs. He works for the CIA and says he intends to flush out the 33rd by stealing their water trucks.

You will be assaulted by some more 33rd enemies. Two will rush in as the cutscene ends, but don't worry as Riggs makes short work of them.

If you need, you can search the room for ammo, but then head through the doorway you were looking at when the cutscene ended.

Turn to the left and you can vault over the bar to head to the other side of it.

Take cover ahead as more enemies lie in wait for you behind the bar.

Vault over that position to get a better vantage point from inside the room- make sure you take out the two enemies behind the bar first. You will also have enemies jumping in on you from the roof.

Vault over the bar and take cover on the right. A heavy will storm in so take him out quickly.

When the room is clear head through the door at the back where the heavy came in through.

Take a left and go through the shutter door that Riggs opens ahead.

Continue forward through the doorway

Head up the ramp of sand inside towards the lighted area.

Be careful in this area.

You will be shot at as you continue down the hallway.

Just ahead are 3 or so soldiers ready to attack you from a balcony above on the far right side of the hallway.

After you kill them watch for the staircase as one or two may head to attack you from where Riggs will be ahead.

After clearing out the staircase head to the left through another office where more soldiers are ready to attack you.

You can take cover at the door and kill any enemies inside.

Then head around to the front of the desk and take cover from there to kill any enemies in the next room ahead.

When it's clear go through the door where the enemies were.

Head to the left and continue towards the destination marker.

Through the next door head up the stairs on the left.

You come into another office area. If you look out the window, on the right side of the office, you can see enemies coming to assault you from below.

Get into cover behind some desks.

As expected, not much long after, you will be attacked by several enemies from the side you came in on.

After killing the first few enemies more specialized enemies- with tougher armor- are sent in. They just take more bullets to kill, but otherwise are not that bad.

Watch for any snipers trying to attack you, or your squad, from the sun roof above as well.

You may need to move in towards the back office (where you came in from) at some point as I found at least one will often hide in there and not come out unless you close in.

After killing all the enemies turn around and head down the stairs at the back of the office. There is some ammo there, on the right side, if you need it as well.

Riggs will kill an enemy soldier that walks into the hallway ahead. When that's done keep going forward through the door on the right.

Head down the stairs inside.

Then loop around down the ramp ahead into the parking structure.

Immediately get to cover inside as several enemies will attack you from all sides.

So you know, there are vents on the ceiling in here with sand falling out. If an enemy is beneath it you can shoot it out to stun them with sand.

Anyway, you should first take out the enemy trying to flank you on the right.

Then get behind a pillar ahead.

You will be able to take out more enemies from here and have better cover.

Don't stay there long. Either head around to the left, or the right, towards the other side (maintain cover). You will be attacked by a heavy so take him out quickly. (Note: for this walkthrough I went on the left side)

Move a little ahead into cover (on the left side-it's a bit different if you went right). There is a turret gunner at the back of the parking garage who will shred you. Shimmy around further to the left side to block him with the ambulance so he can't shoot you.

Then vault over and take cover on the ambulance and get into a position where you can take aim at the far right of the gunner.

There is an enemy in the booth there you should take out.

Then you can move into cover a little further forward and order Adams to toss in a grenade to take care of the gunner.

When they are all dead, head forward towards where the gunner was.

Then go into the door on the right just past the toll booth.

Head to the left inside and up the stairs.

Get any ammo you need in here then vault over the sand bags.

Continue to the right, then left, and go through the door.

Be careful there is a soldier guarding the stairs.

Take cover at the top of the stairs as there is more enemies inside.

When it's clear take cover behind the railing on the left and shimmy to the right side. Take out any enemies on the stairs, from the far side of this floor, or below.

Keep an eye out on the catwalk above, as well, as there are two snipers you can order Lugo to take out or take out yourself.

When it's clear go up the stairs on the right side.

Take cover behind the wall facing towards the center of the auditorium.

From here you can snipe any enemies you are able to see below.

Get any ammo you need, when it's clear, and head down the stairs on the right side.

Continue to the right and around the corner.

Go down the stairs on the right and look to the right to fire on the enemies down the hall.

Be careful, also, as another crazy knife guy will attack you around the middle of the room. Maintain cover when you shoot him.

Then take out any enemies taking cover ahead of you.

Round the corner going to the right and clear the way of any other enemies.

Take cover directly around the right side.

You should be able to kill more enemies on the area below from here.

You can also snipe more enemies all the way below in the center.

When it's clear, head further to the left of the room and down the stairs.

Take cover again at the railing towards the center.

You can kill enemies on the far side and below without dieing yourself from here..

Make sure to keep an eye on the far side still as there will continue to be snipers attacking your position.

Continue on to the right side.

Take cover, when needed, removing any opposition on the far side by the stairs.

At the far side round the corner to the left.

Get any ammo you need ahead then go down the stairs on the right side.

Take cover at the bottom of the stairs and kill any enemies in your way.

Same as before, around the middle of the hallway is a knife guy. This one gives you a little more leeway so you can take him out before he gets the jump on you.

Continue on and take a right at the corner of the hallway.

Take cover by the stairs so you can kill any enemies covering the staircase.

Head down the stairs and take cover behind the machine on the walkway. Keep an eye on your right side for enemies.

You can take cover ahead to take out any enemies hiding by the stairs where the vending machines are on the right.

Then head back to the left and down the stairs so you are on the bottom floor.

Take cover behind the sandbags all the way at the back and kill any remaining enemies.

Keep an eye out, also, for the gunner on a humvee in the back of the auditorium.

Once it's clear head for the trucks to trigger the next cutscene.