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Spec Ops: The Line Walkthrough Chapter 6: The Pit

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Once you have your bearings you'll probably notice there are about 6 guys or so down here and you have no weapons anymore except the Desert Eagle and 5 bullets (which is no slouch by itself but that's not much ammo).

The best thing you can do right now is slip to the right and take cover behind the wall.

Grab the grenades. They can be useful if you want to use them but I find guns much more useful in this position. However, there are some here for you to restock them.

There's also a shotgun with five bullets which can be helpful.

They know where you are by now (it seems scripted for them to know almost immediately), so quickly go to the right and take out any guys that are there. If you have an opening you may also be able to pick up their weapons.

Keep an eye on your left as well. Your goal here is to survive until Lugo and Adams reach you.

There is no easy tactic I can give you here. The enemies will keep rappeling down into the pit for what feels like forever (its probably a minute or so) before Lugo and Adams get to you.

Just keeps moving left to right along the wall and quickly take out guys before they kill you.

You'll know when Lugo and Adams show up. When they do they'll finish taking out the rest of the enemies for you so you can relax at that point.

Make sure you do a sweep of the area and take any ammo you need. There should be more than enough M4s to give you a decent amount of ammo.

Don't take to long as you'll soon hear enemies so take cover behind the left side car. A bridge will drop down and more enemies will take cover on the other side of it.

After taking out these enemies head across the bridge.

After getting more ammo and grenades take cover behind that cargo container ahead.

There are more enemies here.

Remember to use Lugo and Adams. Sometimes this can also be useful to do just to conserve ammo.

When its clear high tail it behind the stack of sand bags and take cover.

There are more enemies here as well as a mounted turret position. The easiest way to take it out is order Adams to do it.

There will also be a few enemies ahead of the sand bags by the truck so don't let them kill you.

If it's clear (usually because enemies are hiding ahead and not coming out) move over to the truck and take cover there.

Take out any remaining enemies. Then head to the left.

If there any enemies down here you can shoot the red cannisters to stop them in their tracks.

After clearing out the enemies quickly run up the ramp on the left here and get on the turret.

This is really a simple turret sequence. Just need to take out all the enemies while Adams works on opening the door.

The first "wave" (I guess) will be ahead of you. Remember you can use Lugo to take out enemies too, but he takes a minute to get a shot so use him to take out guys that can afford to wait a second before they die.

There are several times that snipers will appear and these are the best time to ask Lugo to take out enemies if needed as he can take out snipers fairly quickly.

The next "wave" will be on the girder on the top to the left. I'm told they are RPGs. Take them out quick so you don't have to figure out if that is the case.

If you tell Lugo to take out the right side you have time to take out the left.

There will also be a sniper in the building you can have Lugo take out if needed.

At about that time you should hear an explosion and the door will be open so you can get off the turret and head out.

Once through you can jump down into the death pit.

Striking imagery that is. Anyway, head to the left.

Keep heading left. It's understandable if you need to take a minute after processing this imagery.

I'm not wanting to speak ill of the dead, but I'm glad to be out of there. Head up the stairs.

Head to the right and right again and up the escalator where there's another cutscene.

So, when the cutscene ends you're in the middle of another ambush. This wasn't intended for you, but I guess the radioman thinks you'll do.

I don't really have a best strategy here for you (you may come up with your own on the fly) but basically you want to keep heading to the left and around.

If your luck is like mine, your AI squad mates can't really handle this battle to well so you may have to keep an eye on them (if they do bleed out it's the same as you dieing). Just do your best to stay away from grenades and keep moving- taking out enemies as they get in your cross hairs.

You'll get a com from Gould when you get to the doorway here and he tells you to head left into the museum. So, I guess that's where we're going.

You can take cover on the right side of the doorway so you can clear out any enemies in the way. Head inside when it's clear.

Then take cover behind this wall to clear out this small hallway area.

When your position is clear head forward and take cover by the wall. From here, if it's clear, you can run to the left and take position behind a pillar.

From there you can take out any enemies in the way in the room ahead.

When that's clear you can move forward towards the boxes.

You can't see it here, but from here you will be able to hear the mounted gunner shooting at you on the left side of the room. So be careful moving around this area.

I recommend going to the right after clearing out any enemies from over there.

When you move to the right you'll get more cover from a pillar as well as be able to see the mounted gunner. You can order Adams to take him out now.

When it's clear move towards the pedestal with the dinosaur bones and take out any remaining enemies.

There more enemies ahead, but I recommend taking a moment first to get some ammo.

Then creep around the soda machine (on the far right side) and head towards some cover. Heading this way will trigger a short cut scene.

The cutscene will cue a helicopter that shoots at you non stop. As soon as the cutscene is over run as quick as you can across the open area towards the other side.

You will get hit so try to stay down the middle so you dont take fire damage (from burning debris on the right side) and you should make it.

You're not trying to get all the way across the room, though, so listen up for when Lugo yells to head to the right and run up into the stairway.

Do not stop yet. You're still in danger. Keep running forward and soon you will trigger another cutscene.