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Spec Ops: The Line Walkthrough Chapter 8: The Gate

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After the cutscene you're at the other end of what looked like a mall. Head forward.

Head up the stairs and outside. This will trigger another cutscene.

Lugo is understandably not happy about Walker deciding to use the white phosphorous and if this is your first time playing you may be a little pissed off about it, too. It's still ok if you don't want to play anymore. While the message is potent you know what it is by now, right?

So you know, there is two options here. Turn the game off or use the mortar. Gameplay wise there is only one choice. When you're ready to continue go ahead and use the mortar.

After a short cutscene you'll be in charge giving the order to fire the phosphorous (or rather giving the command to Lugo to do so) as well as moving the retivle into position on targets.

There are 8 shots you have to make (about 12 targets but a couple get taken out together).

Do what you have to do to continue.

When you're done raining fire on your enemies go to the left side of this area.

On the far left side is some rappel ropes you probably tried to use in an attempt to not fire white phosphorous. It is usable now.

Head straight through the pathway into your destruction.

There's nothing good happening here. If you're not a monster then this should bother you. Keep heading forward.

Despite some of your proclivities this is what you did. Something I appreciate about this game is the difficulty in choices when you're at war and how it tries to reflect that. None of the answers are the "right" one and none leave you feeling particularly good.

You should soon come up on a now destroyed fountain. Vault over it.

Head to the other side of the fountain and hop over.

You did this.

I won't continue to linger on the atrocities we have caused. After the cutscene move forward towards the humvee.

You should know, if you don't already, that there is another group of enemies ahead.

It's at about this point that Walker becomes quite literally insane. He may still have good intentions, but he is not holding himself accountable for his actions and is shifting blame on his nearest targets.

The reason I bring this up is because the combat becomes much more complicated now. Walker starts taking on command posts and heavily fortified positions. You have to be on top of your game at this point.

There are a lot of soldiers here to take down. There isn't really a best strategy for this beyond aiming well and taking your shots advantageously.

If things get to hot in one position shift over to an opposite one and switch things up. Also remember to get into cover and sit there if you need to heal. Don't over do it.

Keep an eye on both the left and right. There will be a lot of enemies so shoot that guy!

As each close position is taken down move forward a little bit to get better shots.

When you get near the top keep in cover as several guys continue to come out. Don't rush forward until it's all clear.

Once it's clear head inside and take cover behind a cargo container as more enemies will start coming up the stairs.

When they're dead quickly head down the stairs...

Get behind cover if you start getting hit so they don't kill you from below.

You can slowly creep down the stairs if you need to keep the amount of enemies on you at a low. From the bottom take cover behind the generator at the bottom of the stairs.

There will be even more guys behind the bar looking area so stay sharp.

When you're done clearing the room out remember to grab some ammo and then head up the stairs on the right- in the back.

Your current goal is to go through the door at the top and to the right. There's a cutscene after kicking in the door.