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Spec Ops: The Line Walkthrough Chapter 5: The Edge

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You'll come up on a pretty view of Dubai. There's some strange things about it if you look around.

When you're done checking out the view, though, head to the right.

At the end of path you'll come to a zip line you'll use to zip down to the next building across the way.

At the bottom you may need to wait a couple seconds for your squad to catch up with you. When you're ready head down the stairs to the left of the zip line.

You'll come up on a door at the bottom of the staircase. Take some M4 ammo if you need it and then take cover behind the wall.

You're still unnoticed as you reach the wall here. There are two guys below standing guard. Or they're just hanging out- really it's hard to say.

There are several moments in this game that are designed to make you feel bad- or at least think about what you are doing. This, for me, is one of those moments.

They seem to be just two dudes hanging out and shooting the breeze. Order your squad to take these guys out. While I write this I wonder how that makes you feel that you just did that.

If it makes you feel better they would have opened fire on you immediately if they saw you. Keeping heading down the stairs.

As you head down the stairs you'll hear more enemies in the room ahead giving a situation report. Take cover by the door quickly.

You can get the drop on them but whether they see you first or you shoot someone in the room first combat is going to begin again here.

Just from my military experience- if I had to guess- this place was probably an MWR center (Morale, Welfare, and Recreation). A place where they would normally relax. Anyway, move in to cover behind the bar first.

Then head to the left to take cover behind the wall.

More enemies will come up the stairs on the left so keep an eye out and shoot them before they shoot you.

When it's clear you can head out and get some ammo. Then head towards the stairs.

You probably already heard them, but be aware of the enemies on the floor below. They are down the stairs as well as on the far side of the floor.

I generally inch down in these situations to have fewer chances of being shot and more chances of taking out a few at a time.

When you reach the bottom of the stairs immediately head to the left. There's some ammo behind that wall with the TV screen on it there if you need some.

After picking up ammo head to cover behind the chairs. Some more enemies will come up in front of this area as well as from a door on the left hand side of this area.

You can see the door on the left better here. If they need it (they usually don't here) remember you can order Lugo and Adams to take out specific targets for increased efficiency.

After taking out these guys you can search the area for more ammo. Your goal is to use the rappel ropes ahead.

When you get to the bottom of the rappel Lugo will note for you that there are more enemies in the area ahead.

Turn around from here and head towards Lugo and Adams. They'll tell you about a sniper rifle on the ground here.

Usually I am not a fan of sniper rifles but it is useful for this part as there is a lot of snipers ahead. You can switch it out with whichever you want as you can come back for your other weapon in a minute.

After you make your decision head to the wall and take cover ahead.

Because I am not the steady mouse shot I usually have Lugo take the opening shot. This means you can have him take out one of the snipers before they even see you which can be helpful.

I usually take the other guy out right as he does it.

The thing with ordering Lugo is that it does take him a few seconds to take the shot so if you're even moderately quick at lining up targets (like me) you can probably take out two or three before he even shoots the one you tell him to.

That being said it's still useful in its own way. Just can't have him take everyone out unless you want to sit here forever.

When you're done taking out the snipers you can go back for your other weapon (if sniper isn't your preference).

Then jump down onto the red girder and cross over onto the other building.

I recommend you move with a purpose here as a Helo comes and drops off more enemies so things get hot real fast.

As should be the norm by now take cover behind the closest box and take some guys out. I like starting off with a grenade if there is a lot of guys as this clears things up a little bit.

Watch out for the guy on the roof on the left side as well.

When you have an opening head over to the left towards the wall ahead of the boxes, but on the left side.

Clear out any ground enemies and some more guys on the area below this position as well.

You can use Lugo to take out any enemies that are far away if you have trouble as well.

When it's clear enough slip out to the left and head towards the building.

Be careful when heading inside as there may still be more enemies. You want to head up the stairs onto the upper area of the roof.

Take out any enemies here, grab some ammo if you need it, and head to the left taking cover behind the wall.

From here you have a better view of the battlefield and can better take out enemies.

Have at it and remember to utilize your squad if/when you need to.

Once the slaughter is over head back downstairs.

You'll have to run all the way back to the beginning of this rooftop and then take a left and head down the stairs.

And then head up the stairway on the far right side. Now is a good time to search for ammo if you need any.

When you're ready to continue head through the orangish/red door and to the left.

Then jump down onto the next floor through the hole in the wall.

From here head to the right and then left and go up the stairs.

Go through the door on the right at the top of the stairs.

Jump down the ledge and vault over the railing ahead.

It's kind of eerie being in the open like this, isn't it?

Another ambush and this time they shot out the roof while you were on it.

Take out the two enemies ahead of you behind the model city. Then drop down.

This will probably injure you a lot so take a second to reload and wait for it to do that automatic healing thing before continuing to fight.

Watch out for the crazy guys with bandanas that run at you, now. They're fast and they kill you quickly if they get to you. Add them to #1 on your priority list of kills.

After you're done taking out the crazy knife guy you'll notice there is a lot more enemies ahead.

Continue taking out enemies and when you have an opening move closer to the door taking cover behind the model table.

Clear out the doorway from here and then slip out and take cover behind the door.

Take a moment here to reload and catch your breath.

Then take cover behind the chair not far from the front of the door way.

Be ready, though, because there is another crazy knife guy that comes running at you. You should have enough time to realize it here and take him out fairly quickly if you're paying attention.

Shortly after this some more enemies will drop down into the room from the roof so take them out.

Then when it's clear enough head to the left and take cover behind that small greenish/blue box on the left.

Make sure to watch out for more enemies here- there may be at least 3 or so.

Remember to also watch your right as there are still enemies over there.

I also had Lugo take a guy on the left out just because he could be problem for me otherwise.

When it's clear enough (or in my case I was forced out) head to the wall on the left.

A big reason for this is more enemies will rappel into the room on the position you were just in and they will be easier to handle from here.

Head out the window when the coast is clear.

Don't forget to look for ammo. Then head to the zip line and use it to cross over into another building.

When you get to the bottom of the zip line head to the left and into the building across the makeshift bridge.

Head through the door on the right where it says "Liars Lair" on the wall .

And left to the door. When you're ready go ahead and open it.

Don't worry- there is still no enemies around. Head left from the door here.

You'll go through a fairly linear corridor around here. When you get to a doorway head to the right.

The door at the end of the hallway is where you're going. When you're ready go ahead and open it.

After the harrowing cut scene Walker wakes up at the bottom of some kind of pit.