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When the opening cut scene finishes you take control of Walker behind a chopper mounted gatling gun.

This sequence is pretty straight forward. Take out the attacking helicopters and enjoy the ensuing explosions. There are 9 helicopters total.

There is no real strategy to doing this. Just aim your cross hair at the choppers and don't let up on the trigger. I usually try to aim for the guys in the back of the chopper to minimize how much I'm getting hit. As long as you don't let up you should survive.

After the cut scenes end (there are two here) you start off in Dubai in control of Walker.

You are the captain of a small Delta team sent in to recon the evacuation of Dubai. Your subordinate soldiers are Lieutenant Adams and Sargeant Lugo. The commanding officer in charge of the evacutaion operation in Dubai sent a mysterious message and they are here to investigate what is going on and report back to command.

The beginning tutorializes you a little bit by giving you basic control concepts. You should follow them to familiarize yourself.

You can use the bottles on the walls to get used to the aiming and shooting. It's not to complicated and don't worry no one will hear you here.

When you move forward you can get a better look at the area ahead. The camera does a nice focus zoom on it's own to show you a large panoramic view of Dubai from the outside. You'll also notice some kind of run down freeway to the bottom right.

When you're done enjoying the view head to the right towards the sand bags. You can take the opportunity here to familiarize yourself with hopping over obstacles. This will be useful throughout the game.

Adams and Lugo are disturbed by the bodies of soldiers lying in the sand on the right here. This is a bad omen.

When Adams is ready to move on use the rappel in front of the bodies going down to the messed up freeway.

You will come up on an eerie site. Cars litter the street, which is now boxed in by sand on all sides, and wild life runs off into the distance.

Head forward paying attention to the short dialogue between Lugo, Adams, and Walker. We can tell Walker is very serious in his duty and Lugo is not really. Adams tries to keep it cool.

When you come up on a bus, Lugo says he thinks he heard somebody. You can also faintly hear some kind of radio transmission. Keep heading forward.

It's some kind of distress beacon. Vault over the toppled strut and continue forward.

You'll come up on another bus. Keep going forward, towards the sign.

When you get to the back of the bus vault over to get inside.

Then head straight and turn to the door on the right side of the bus at the front and climb down out of the bus.

Head straight towards the crashed tanker and duck down to walk underneath it.

Head forward between the semi and the tanker trucks and turn to the left.

Adams notices there's some fresh blood by a humvee on the left. He beckons Walker over. Upon further investigation there's another dead soldier.

While investigating the humvee some armed locals will appear behind the team.

The team takes position behind some cargo containers.

Lugo attempts to reason with the locals in the hopes that they will be more understanding.

Adams informs you that you can shoot out the glass on the bus above which will cause the sand to crash down on them.

Once the locals open fire on the Delta team (or before that if you want- you don't actually have to wait) take aim and quickly shoot out the windows to break the sand out which will crash down on the locals; burying them.

Don't rest yet; there's more enemies on the left.

When it's clear head forward and take cover behind the first set of cargo boxes. Reload if you need to.

A shooter will come out on top of the bus; you should take him out first since he has high ground.

Then several other shooters in the semi and around it will arrive. You'll notice there's a red canister in the back there. If you shoot that it will take out several enemies at once since they are bunched up in this small area.

After you finish those guys off head up over the dune on the left.

When you have that taken care of take cover behind the green colored car, and reload if you need to, then slip out to the right.

Once you get around the car head to the left and take cover behind the wall closest to the bus.

Be careful not to sit to far to the right or you'll get shot up real fast. If you get the option to command Adams and Lugo to use stuns use it to get the turret gunner off the gun for a second.

Then take the chance to finish off the enemy inside and on top of the bus.

Once it's clear, vault over the wall and head inside the bus.

Head all the way to the right side of the bus and vault out the window.

Walker slides into cover as a grenade is tossed at you. Don't worry, if the indicator is white that means you are not going to be harmed by the explosion.

Once the explosion is done give the order to take out the sniper on the billboard ahead.

This will casuse an explosion that takes out the sniper and the billboard.

When that's done slip out to the right and take cover behind the closest wall.

More enemies are going to come out of the cargo container ahead and on top of it. I recommend taking out the ones on top first, like before, as high ground has an advantage over you.

Remember that you can also order your squad to take out specified targets and makes your AI team mates more effective at killing enemies.

When you're done slip out of cover and head inside the cargo container.

Head all the way down the container and open the door at the back.

This will knock over an enemy that was standing behind it. Take him out.

While taking a breather Lugo picks up a distress signal about 100 yards ahead. A 33rd patrol is seemingly under attack and is requesting help.

Head straight and take cover behind the green barrels. Be careful, though, theres another nested turret ahead.

When you've got yourself secured slip out to the right to get cover behind the wall where Lugo and Adams is.

Then head to the left. Maintain your cover and slip out and get back into cover when necessary along the way.

Head all the way to the left so you can get a shot behind enemy cover and take out those enemies.

There's a red cannister behind the wall where the enemy is you can shoot to take them all out.

More enemies arrive ahead of you on the ground and also on top of the hut. You can order your soldiers to take guys out. Then head towards the hut on the left when you're done.

From the hut head straight past the cargo container.

Lugo picks up another SOS from Alpha.

When the cut scenes end head forward toward the airplane fin in front of you and equip your M4 or pistol with the silencer.

Several guys are ahead and they are already fighting someone. You can take this opportunity to sneak up from behind and take them out. If you order Adams and Lugo to attack a target they will do so silenced until you are spotted.

You can have them take out some guys while you take out closer ones.

Remember to also take out the guys ahead of your position and then head forward taking cover behind the sand bags in front of the jet engine ahead.

From here you'll see someone shooting out of the plane as well as a couple guys ahead and a couple more on the planes wing in the distance. Take out the guys closest to you first.

Then head straight to take cover behind another cargo container. When you have your breath run ahead and take cover behind a big case directly in front of the cargo container.

At about this point the enemy will know you are here. They always spot you about now and several guys start running out onto the wing of the plane. You should take them out.

Make sure you also take out the guys that ran over by the humvee ahead and then go to the humvee and take cover.

From the right side of the humvee, if you lean out of cover, you'll see several guys running out underneath the plane. Take them out too.

Once they're all dead head forward to go inside the plane.

Be careful when heading towards the stairs as there are enemies on the stairs as well as behind it above.

Make sure you head up slowly so as not to get killed while going up the stairs. There will be at least two guys standing by the bar right behind the stairwell. One of them may run to the hallway on the left or right.

After you take them out head towards the hallway on the right side ahead and take cover at the back wall.

When it's clear go into the hallway and take cover at the wall. You can take out guys in the next room from here. Then head inside and take cover behind the chairs.

Head to the left and take out any remaining enemies. Then vault over and head to the far back wall. This will trigger a cutscene.

Once the cut scene ends you can either tell your guys to shoot the guy with the gun drawn on the soldier or you can shoot him, either way decide quickly and take out those guys in the room.

Unfortunately, you're too late. Alpha squad is down, and the last guy remaining only lives long enough to tell you where McPherson went. You're no closer to understanding what is happening here or where Konrad is.