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Spec Ops: The Line Walkthrough Chapter 3: Underneath

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You'll load in on the inside of the hotel. There's so much sand you were actually on top of it the whole time. The sand storm, and probably the ruckus of gunfire among other factors, caused the glass roof to shatter dropping your squad inside.

After you're done getting your bearings head to the left down the stairs with Adams.

If you use the AK- or need another gun- one is on the wall at the top of the stairs on the left.

Adams notices the gate on the left side of the room first, but notes that it is currently locked.

Not very long after that Lugo will spot enemy coming in over what's left of the roof.

This is basically a shooting gallery. Just keep an eye on the inside stairways so the enemy doesn't get to your position.

You can also shoot out what's left of the glass roof if anyone is standing there and they will fall to their death.

There is also enemies on the balconies on the left and right to watch out for. Don't forget you can order your squad to help take guys if you have trouble.

You'll know when it's over because the game will check point. Grab ammo quickly if you need it, but run to the locked gate right away when you can.

Not long after the fight ends the enemy will drop loads of C4 into the room so you gotta make it to the gate quickly.

In not very much time Adams manages to break the gate open just before the C4 blows up the room.

Head straight and go through the door.

Jump down the balcony on the left.

There is some ammo and grenades down here if you need them. After the squad has a short conversation there's a cut scene.

After the cut scene you'll be at the doorway to the room you jumped down into. There are 3 guys so take them out and head forward and take cover behind a trophy case.

I recommend using this one first as there is a gunner ahead as well as enemies on the roof. You can also run closer but be careful as the mounted gun will take you out very quickly.

To take care of the roof you only need to shoot out the glass and the guys on the roof will fall to their deaths.

Then run forward towards the flowery looking statues pedestal. The mounted gunner is right in front of this so stay in a position that keeps things in front of you as you run.

The easiest way to take out mounted gunners is to tell Adams to take them out. Usually he will toss a grenade at it which works it's magic on them swiftly.

Then run forward and get on the mounted gun.

As soon as you get on the mounted turret shoot out all the windows in the back.

After doing that take care of any guys left standing.

Head forward now and take cover behind the potted plant areas keeping an eye on the right where guys will start coming in through the window.

Right now you're just heading towards the open window so keep taking out enemies and heading in that direction.

When you get near the window Walker will point out that you cannot communicate due to the wind storms outside. What this means for you is that you cannot give your squad commands until you get out of the storm.

Be careful heading across the courtyard. It's hard to see out here and your squad will not be able to hear you if you need assistance.

I recommend taking it slow and first head all the way to the right (behind the giant statue) as if you go to the left I find that the enemy kills you easier and quicker.

The enemies coming out from the buidling ahead will head towards the right so if you are behind the statue you will come out behind them and more easily be able to get rid of them.

Head straight from behind the statue and you'll find an open doorway on the right. Quickly get inside when it's safe to move forward.

It's safe in here so you can catch your breath. There's also ammo if you need it here. It's to the right of the elevator shaft door.

When you're ready use the rappel lines inside the elevator shaft to head down.