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Spec Ops: The Line Walkthrough Chapter 7: The Battle

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After both cutscenes are over you will be in some kind of aquarium area. Head forward while Walker talks to Gould.

Head left and go down the stairs towards some glass giraffe statues.

The design for this particular room is amazing but before you can admire it look up. The helicopter will shoot out the glass roof so stay to the far left in the room until it leaves.

When it's done you can look around the room. The aquarium floors are a really cool touch.

In no time flat really Lugo will say he figured out how to get out of here and a window will be spotted for you.

When you're ready to move forward shoot out the glass.

Then head out the window.

You'll come out to another devastated freeway as a helicopter flies over.

There's also some fighting and a big explosion on the other side.

Head to the right and you'll come to some rappel lines on the left you can use. Walker wants to make sure Gould is alright so head on down.

Head forward from here.

There is some strange visuals in the grafitti around here. Anyway, head to the right at the cross way. The left is just a view of some hanging bodies.

There are more hanging bodies this way, also, which Adams says is a 33rd soldier. Jump down.

Quickly take cover behind the orange SUV as there are enemy soldiers here.

You are silent right now but I've never been able to do this part without activating everybody so shoot away how you like.

Move towards the blue car if you need a better angle but be careful. There are enemies everywhere.

When the right side is clear slip out of cover and take cover behind the Armored Troop Carrier (ATC).

There are a lot of guys around the corner. Remember to use Lugo and Adams to take out priority targets.

You'll be there for a little while, but when it's clear you can head towards the orange cargo container to reload. Remember to get ammo as well.

Then quickly head over and take cover behind the red corvette and tell Lugo to take out the sniper on the signs over the freeway. Be careful, though, as there is a mounted turret inside the bus ahead.

Then move out of cover towards the sand bags on the right by what looks like an ambulance. If you're lucky you'll have a stun command which you should use to stun the targets around the bus.

If all goes well these guys will most all be stunned so kill as many as possible.

If the mounted turret gunner is still alive slip from the sand bags towards the ambulance.

If you do the gunner will probably get off the mounted gun since you aren't targettable from there and you'll be able to take him out fairly easily now.

After that head inside the bus. Be careful, though, as more enemies will attack you from the other side.

After taking out all the enemies here vault over and head forward.

Be careful as there will be enemies ahead of you as well as a mounted turret to the left just after the blockade. I used a sticky grenade to dust up some sand first and then ordered Adams to attack it. Any explosions in the sand around enemies will cause them to be stunned briefly.

When you're done scavenging for ammo and grenades head left torwards the area marked as "Evacuation Assembly Point" and also says "City Gate Ahead."

It's another pit of death. Head straight towards the stairs.

This is one of the first times in this game that you won't be sure if it's real, so I am struggling with describing this as I don't know if this is something that is really happening.

However, you come up on what appears to be an area targetted by white phosphorous that has just hit moments before you got up the stairs.

Be careful as you head forward as three soldiers are marching in. The indication here is that Gould lead locals in a rebellion against the 33rd and the 33rd unloaded white phosphorous on this position.

This will also be your first introduction to a heavy. I find, if at all possible, using stickys on them to start usually helps to take them down easier but also order your squad to make it a priority if you're having trouble. These guys are designed to be difficult.

Once those three are taken care of head forward and then to the right to go into the doorway at the top of the short stairs.

You'll hear someone talking to Gould nearby and it becomes clear that Gould has been captured.

Head forward and go towards the light to get another cutscene.

After the horrifying cutscene you are left with two choices and you need to choose one fast. The first choice is to shoot the enemies by Gould in order to save him.

The second choice is to follow Adams to save as many civilians as possible.

I have played this game many times. This is going to be a spoiler for your choices so don't read it if you don't want to know. No matter which you choose to do Gould will die. The best choice is to try and save civilians as at least some can survive if you do.

In this playthrough I chose to follow along with Adams' plan. So if you're following along go to the left and drop down to the hidden path below.

I want to warn you, if you do choose to attempt to save Gould they will begin shooting as soon as you order Lugo to take the shot. It's another combat mission, so it's difficult the same as any other in this game, but Adams' plan is much more stealthy and goes over more silently.

Anyway, heading down the hidden path you will have to wait to see how the scene with Gould plays out. Make sure to stay out of site and move when Adams moves.

When the scene is done follow Adams to the right and stay down. If you have the M4 or a pistol remember to equip the silencer.

You can take cover here and wait while Adams takes out this guard.

When moving forward a little more Adams accidentally hits something (making noise) and a guard hears it. Adams tells you to take the guy out. If you don't have a silencer then this choice path will fail but still play out only louder which means the civilians will die and nothing will actually be accomplished. This isnt a big deal as there is a pistol around here you can pick up, but that's just something to know.

If all goes well you can continue to follow Adams and sneak further into the camp.

Adams will tell you to pick a target. It doesnt seem to matter which you pick but again do so silenced and it should go fine. You'll even save the civilians.

If you did that successfully the civilians are safe and all the enemies will now be dead or gone so you can now search the camp for ammo and also check on Gould's body.

We already know that Gould is dead but now we know what his plan was. So, without any further idea what to do, Walker decides to press on.

Head back to where you saved the civilians. The next doorway is just ahead as well as another cutscene.