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Spec Ops: The Line Walkthrough Chapter 4: The Refugees

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You'll load in to a dark room. Head to the right.

When you're done looking around your destination is down the stairs at the end of the hall.

At the bottom of the stairs you will want to drop down into the hole with light coming out of it.

From down here you want to head to the right.

Then head to the left.

There was a massacre of American soldiers here, but it is still unclear why or what is happening here.

When you're ready head to the right and take cover at the door.

Head in and take cover at the table ahead.

After the cut scene you will have a conversation with the soldier here.

You have two options. You can shoot the soldier or you can let the scene play out and he will go ahead of you.

This has one of two outcomes. If you kill him you will remain silent for a little while longer and the soldiers ahead will not know you are coming for a few more minutes.

If you let him live he will go ahead of you and warn the others that you are coming so you get attacked shortly after you head down below.

The choice is yours. These choices do not affect your ending, only the immediate encounter. It will also cause either Lugo or Adams (or both) to question you. There are consequences to all your choices in the game, so make the one you want to live with and move forward.

In my playthrough for this walkthrough I let him live. When you're ready head down using the zip line.

There are some strange things going on here. If you let the soldier live, though, you wont have much time to take in the scenery. There is a conversation that will play out between Lugo and Adams regardless, but make sure you take cover behind a desk while they talk.

Not long after Lugo and Adams are done talking some enemies (along with the soldier you let live- if you did) will storm in shooting.

They also shoot at you through a hole on the right side of the room (or left if you are behind the desk near the only exit to the room) so be careful as Adams or Lugo may need to be healed.

This is the hole on the side of the room- the one to the left of the pictures on the wall. There will be one or two guys here depending on if one leaves to come in from the other side.

Unfortunately there are no right answers so do what you have to. When you are done here head out and to the right.

Adams will open the door for you to proceed.

After heading in through the doorway you want to immediately take cover. You can hide for a little bit but eventually the American soldiers here will open fire on you. It may not seem right, but it's do or die. Your other option is to not play the game at all.

If you decide to continue forward vault over the wall and take cover to the right (as there will be guys ahead of you as well as to the right of you).

Lugo and Adams will attempt to reason with the enemy but they will ultimately have to die if you want to continue on with the story. Do what you have to do.

There's a fair amount of enemies here so I found it best to take out anyone on the left side of the room and then focus on taking out the enemies ahead while heading to the far side of the room.

Whichever way you do it you will eventually be going to the room with a big banner at the entrance.

Head inside and to the left which then heads to the right.

At the hall with all the fliers on it head forward and then to the left.

After a brief conversation about how they could possibly salvage this operation Adams will open the next door.

This doesn't bode well either.

After the cutscene head to the left and go down the stairs ahead.

When you get to the stairs a soldier will head up and it will begin another large scale battle.

After getting down the first flight of stairs head directly to the right and head towards the end where there's a small crevice with a civilian hiding.

You can take cover from here and shoot enemies below. You can also get a good vantage point outside of here a little to the left of that position behind a pillar.

Once you've taken care of the enemies below (that you can see) head back to the stairs and continue down.

While you're heading down a lot of soldiers will come out ahead. If you are quick you can shoot most of them before they get to cover.

When you have an opening, head all the way down, and veer right, to take cover behind the refridgerator.

As you have openings you can slowly move forward a little. Make sure to be aware that there is holes in the walls and guys down on the floor below as well so don't take cover in a bad position.

You may have the option to have Adams throw a stun grenade down on the floor below. Either use that or your own stun grenade to do this to create an opening if needed and head forward a little more.

There are enemies on the balcony on the right side which are taking pot shots at you. Make sure you kill them when you head to the right.

There are also 3 or 4 enemies on the floor directly below shooting at you that you can take out from here when that's done.

Don't forget about the enemies on the walkway below to the far left.

When it's clear head all the way to the right and go down the stairs. Be careful, there may still be more enemies to kill down here and you don't want them killing you on the stairs.

Watch out for the guys that may be on the walk way then drop down and take cover at the closest wall ahead.

When it's clear head to the far left, taking cover when needed. There is a stack of boxes at the end you can take cover behind.

Take out any remaining enemies and then vault over the boxes continuing to head forward.

There are a lot more enemies below you so I recommend hugging the left wall.

When you get over here again the walls are busted so you have no cover from enemies below over in this direction. If you creep up slowly you can take them out quickly.

If you stay left you should be ok, but your AI squad mates may not be so smart so be careful. You may have to run back to revive them on occasion if they stay in a bad spot (and sometimes they do).

When you're ready head to the left and you should come on the staircase leading further down. Be careful, though, as there may still be enemies down there.

Jump down and take cover directly to the right as there may be several enemies still here to take out.

When you have some breathing room vault over the wall and take cover behind the box directly in front of you.

As you head forward you will come to a place where there is an escalator. Do not take the escalator. Instead go to the right.

There is a pathway through the huts on the right that leads around to where there is a mounted turret hiding.

Head through here and if you go the whole way down you'll see a opening where you can take out the enemies hiding in here.

After that keep heading to the left and be careful not to kill any civilians (unless you're a jerk I guess).

When the civilian runs away a few guys will open fire on you from the corner. Quickly take cover so you can get a position better suited for your survival.

If you keep heading forward you'll be behind the mounted gunner. You can easily dispatch the enemies from this position. There are three enemies in here.

After you take them out immediately get on the mounted gun. A lot more enemies will arrive- especially from the right where the big wall of glass is.

Your main goal is to shoot out the glass in front of you, but you can't continuously just fire at the glass or the guys coming over the wall on the far side will end up getting on the mounted turret on the far side and then you'll die.

I recommend shooting the guys as they come and then dump on the window switching back and forth as needed until the window bursts.

That will clear out the rest of the enemies.

Head up into the sand dune and watch the cut scene.

After both cut scenes are finished head forward and drop down into the hole ahead.

From here head straight.