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Spec Ops: The Line Walkthrough Chapter 9: The Road

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After the cutscene is over use the rappel line to get down.

After getting to the bottom go forward and drop down off the ledge.

Head forward towards the freeway sign with two men hanging off of it. This will cue another cutscene.

You are given two choices here, verbally, but there are actually 4 choices.

You can choose to cut down the soldier- thusly vindicating his actions.

You can choose to save the civilian- thus showing mercy for a man in need.

You can choose to shoot at the snipers in hopes of killing them before they kill the two hanging men.

You can also choose to free both men. Because he who is without sin may cast the first stone.

Honestly, no matter which option you choose a gun fight is going to ensue. If you follow the rules you are going along with a sick idea. If you try to kill the snipers they kill the two men anyway because you cant shoot four guys fast enough. If you shoot down both men they will still die. If you only choose one you're only holding off on the inevitable battle which is ahead.

After making your choice and dealing with the consequences head forward.

After getting over the dune you'll be treated to a bunch more enemies and an oncoming sandstorm to deal with.

After sliding down the dune your first priority is the snipers up top. Take them down quickly.

Then take cover ahead behind the freeway sign.

Watch out for the snipers and RPGs above as well. If needed remember Lugo can snipe for you- if he still feels like listening to you anyway.

For about 20 seconds or so you'll probably be in cover behind this sign as there is a lot of guys to take out.

You'll know when it's cleared out because the sand storm then kicks it into high gear. Remember, in a sand storm Walker cannot give commands so you cannot give Lugo and Adams priority targets while you're in the storm.

When the coast is clear head forward into the unknown.

If you spot enemies make sure to quickly take cover. It's difficult to see in the sand storm but they can still kill you.

Eventually you'll get to a bus underneath the overpass on your left side. Take a right from there and you'll come to another bus.

If you look in the distance to your left you'll see some enemies running up on you over the dunes. If you're fast you may be able to take them out, but if not it's just an omen of things to come.

When you reach the second bus go around it and head to the right.

You'll see a guy waving a flare in the distance. You can shoot these enemies down before they shoot you.

When you're done clearing out enemies head to the left and around the semi. This will trigger another cutscene.