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Spec Ops: The Line Walkthrough Chapter 10 - Part 2: Stealing Water

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You will be on the side of a water tanker truck that you stole from the 33rd.

Keep an eye on the enemies and just dump explosives. Your ammo is unlimited on this part so it's mainly just a shooting gallery.

Keep an eye out for enemies that will come up close to the trucks and take them out before they kill you.

You will end up stopping in front of this blown up building area. Take out the gunner above.

Then kill the soldiers on the right side behind some sand bags.

Then look to the left and kill the enemy that mans a gunner position above.

After that there is two or three more enemies that drop down you need to kill before the trucks begins moving again.

Something else to be aware of is as you round the next corner (or so) you will be attacked by a mounted humvee. You need to kill these vehicles quickly or you die really fast.

Even worse, though, is a helicopter that will attack you above. Take it down.

Then take out one more humvee.

As you continue forward after this you will be rammed by another humvee causing the trucks to crash.

Walker will be sent flying off the truck triggering another cutscene.