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Spec Ops: The Line Walkthrough Chapter 11: Alone

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After the strange cutscene with Konrad, Walker awakens to a burning wreckage, no weapon, and all alone again.

When you have your bearing head forward down the path.

Walker is severely messed up from the crash and stumbles on the path.

As you get further down the path you will run into civilians trying to salvage what they can of the water. They're clearly very angry.

With good reason; because of you they no longer have a water supply and there's even more damage to an already crumbling city.

Continue forward and around the bend. Soon you will come up on Riggs.

This will trigger a cutscene where Walker tries to help Riggs out from under the truck. Riggs confesses, as he is dieing, that his intent all along was to dispose of the water and kill off these people in order to cover up the atrocities that have happened here- in order to avert any conflict with Dubai.

After the cutscene you are left with 3 choices. He wants you to shoot him so he doesn't burn to death. You can do that, if you wish to be merciful.

You can also choose to walk away.

You can also choose to stand there and watch Riggs burn. The choice is yours.

After you've made your choice continue down the path, surveying more of your destruction along the way.

Take a right at the turn and continue to the right.

Go up the dune ahead past the flare on the ground.

You'll get to a drop off at the end. Go ahead and drop down.

There is no enemies here so continue forward.

All the way at the end is a doorway you can go through to get into the building.

Once inside head up the escalator.

Then take the first doorway and continue forward.

Ahead you will see an enemy in front of a sandbag wall.

A short cutscene will show you that Adams is being held hostage and Lugo is in cover behind a sign- unsure what to do.

You should kill the guy holding Adams then take out the guard in front of the wall quickly.

Vault over the wall and pick up the sniper rifle. It can be useful here for a little bit anyway.

Take cover at the wall and kill any enemies across the way.

Also watch the roof as enemies will attack you from up there as well.

If you head to the left you can take out some enemies trying to flank you behind a barricade.

When it's clear Adams and Lugo will break something causing sand to cover the area so you can cross over the wall. If you need you can get some ammo back by the door you came in at first before heading over the wall.

Continue ahead and take cover at the wall so you can kill any enemies on the other side to help out Adams and Lugo.

You can go into the building on the left side to get some ammo.

Then press on to the left towards the wall on the right of the zip line ahead.

If you need you can pick up a shotgun here.

Before heading down the zip line there are a few enemies you should kill first. There is two in the bar below.

There are also two on the roof above.

After killing the first two above another sniper will probably show up so kill him, too.

Then take the zip line down.

Get into cover below as soon as you get there.

You will be attacked by two soildiers that jump behind the bar as well as two or so to the left of it.

There are also more enemies on the other side of the mall- some of which are on the upstairs balcony. You can head to cover on the left for a better view.

Then head to cover inside the bar to kill more enemies across the way at the far side.

When it's clear head to the door on the right side. You can get some ammo here.

Then take cover at the door to kill any enemies inside the next room.

Then head inside and take cover again. Walker starts having more hallucinations and the lights flickering on and off. It seems like the mannequins are teleporting around.

Every two or so flickers you will see a heavy in here. He is hard to kill as he seems to teleport around with the flicker. Shoot him as much as possible in the face, and if you have it, use a grenade.

When he is dead continue on to the other side of this nightmare room.

Continue on past the creepy mannequins and head to the left.

Head to the door on the left but be careful.

There are two enemies in here to kill before going through the doorway.

When it's clear head into cover inside the room and take out more enemies on the other side to help out Lugo and Adams.

Get any ammo you need and then head to the right.

All the way at the end take the zip line down.

Continue heading forward at the bottom.

Just around the corner, on the right side, immediately get into cover behind the front desk. There are two, or so, enemies in the room ahead.

If you vault over the desk you can take cover behind a shelf where you can see a glass window you can break if you need to clear out any pesky enemies hiding back there.

When it's clear head to the back side and up the stairs on the left but beware the enemies above.

At the top kill any enemies on the left side. Be quick here as Lugo tends to go down and he doesnt get up until you hit the next check point. If you don't do it soon he will die.

When it's clear head to the right side (behind you) quickly towards the door on the left side.

Kill the enemy inside on a turret to hit the next check point which restores Lugo.

Then get on the turret.

Kill the first enemy that slides down the zip line to kill you.

This is basically a very long, almost protracted, shooting gallery. The most difficult so far in the game.

What makes it difficult is that enemies will come at Lugo and Adams (instead of you for the most part) so you have to kill enemies before they kill them.

They will come from the Top, Middle, and Bottom Left, center, and right sides. All over.

Just make sure you keep looking around and killing any enemies you find.

Especially keep an eye on the stairs as enemies come down them often.

There are a few red boxes you can shoot as well to help with crowd control although they don't often go near them.

At some point a heavy will come in on the bottom left. Kill these guys ASAP.

Not long after the first another one spawns on the TOP left and heads down the escalator. This one is the most obnoxious as he targets, and tends to take down, Lugo and Adams very quickly.

The real trick is, though, that Lugo and Adams get attacked from behind at the same time so you have to kill the enemies behind them first. Then kill the heavy. This tends to be the best solution for me, but do it quickly.

Adams and Lugo will radio you when they get stuck at this doorway where some boards are blocking the door. You need to shoot it out so they can proceed.

When the coast is clear (basically when Adams and Lugo make it to the roof) the shooting stops and they zip line down to meet back up with Walker.

They will then head to the door on the right which will trigger another cutscene.

The three interrogate a 33rd soldier and it's not really something that one would consider "good" although they don't kill him that I recall but you can tell more and more that Walker's mind has cracked in these scenes.