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Spec Ops: The Line Walkthrough Chapter 14: The Bridge

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After the cutscene is done head forward towards the gate.

About halfway there a helicopter will fly over. You aren't spotted yet, though, so continue forward.

Head down into the area below where you get to a small cliff. Jump down.

You can get some ammo here if you need to but get to cover quickly- there are enemies just ahead.

Take out any enemies ahead then head forward.

Continue up the ramp inside and take cover behind a box just ahead.

There are several enemies up here so be patient and pop in and out of cover.

The most troublesome is up above. There is two enemies there- one is hiding further up in the rafters.

After taking out the first one kill the one in the rafters.

Another one will pop up above and will probably vault over the wall to jump down to your level so take him out too.

Then head around the left side and aim for the right side taking out any enemies ahead of you (there's no cover here so be quick).

As you move forward be careful for any enemies trying to flank you.

As you round the corner go slowly as there is a turret gunner there. Just order Adams to take care of it.

Continue slowly around the corner as there is more enemies ahead behind some sandbags. Get to cover on the right.

Then dash forward behind the turret.

Get on the turret to take out all the enemies here as well as any coming out the door.

Head to cover on the left and wait a second as several enemies are inside the room ahead and probably threw a grenade.

If you have grenades it's useful to throw one inside the door to clear the way so you can run forward and take position by the door.

Shoot anyone left inside.

You can check this room if you need ammo.

Then turn around and head up the stairs.

There is a door at the top. When you get there Adams will kick it open.

Head through the door and forward towards the cover ahead. This will trigger another cutscene.

Walker is still having hallucinations, it seems.

Some people enveloped in flames attack you. Eventually they hit you which shakes Walker out of the hallucination.

You'll be behind cover just ahead of where you were when the cutscene triggered. Pick up the RPG if you don't have it and take out the tower on the right.

The RPG is useful here so I recommend swapping with your least favorite weapon (I recommend you also have a long range weapon with decent amount of ammo).

Turn to your left when that's done and take out the enemies that will now be flanking you there.

Vault over the cover, when it's clear.

Take cover inside the sandbag wall on the left (inside it).

Take out any enemies ahead. Use the RPG if the mounted turret is giving you trouble.

Then head to the humvee for cover ahead.

Continue putting pressure on the gunner to the right side (you probably don't have a good bead on him yet).

Run to the right side taking cover behind the cement wall.

Head further to the right. From here you should be able to take out any enemies on the outside of the pillbox. Then vault over and into the emplacement.

Round the sandbags to the right and kill the enemy on the turret inside.

Then turn around and head to the turrets on the other side.

Get on the turret and take out all the enemies just on the other side (that you can see from here).

Then turn around and head back through the steel hallway.

Take cover outside and kill the sniper just to the right side.

Go forward and slightly left to take cover behind the "Visitor Center" sign that is setup as cover ahead.

After killing all those enemies (stock up on any ammo if you need to) head to the back right side where the door is.

When you round the corner and go towards the door it will explode open and it looks like Lugo attacking you. It's another hallucination.

Just wanted to note real quick here: if you die after this part Walker will have another strange dream.

He'll then wake up again at the last checkpoint like the last stuff didn't happen. However, this time the enemy that explodes through the door is just a normal heavy.

Anyway, once Lugo (the heavy) is dead get any ammo and go towards the door and take cover.

Check inside for any enemies.

You may need to move inside and behind the box facing to the north so that you can kill the enemies on the left side of the room.

When all the enemies are dead check the room for ammo. I also recommend picking up the AA12 if you don't have it already as it is actually a very powerful automatic rifle.

Anyway, head up the ramp at the back of the room.

Watch out for the two enemies that round the corner at the top of the ramp here.

Then head to the left and around the next corner on the left.

Go up the stairs and continue left. Be careful and maintain cover as there are several turrets, specialized enemies, and at least one heavy around the corner ahead.

You should know that this is the last fight in the game so go all out. There is no need to save any ammo (other than for this fight) or grenades.

I recommend going around the corner after you take out the specialized enemies and the heavy. Have Adams throw a grenade to take out the turret. It's just easier that way and he can get it from here.

Once all the enemies and turrets are dead a cutscene will trigger.

Adams ends up pushing Walker over the side in an attempt at redemption. They know this situation is untenable and if he distracts the enemy enough Walker can get away.

After the cutscene you will briefly be given control. You need to book it across the bridge. When it's over you get another cutscene.