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Splinter Cell: Conviction Walkthrough Chapter 7: Lincoln Memorial

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Walk down the road and await orders from Grim.

Break into the monitoring system room and hack the controlls.

Switch through different cameras until you get a close view of the target.

Zoom in to hear their conversation and insure that the camera is always focusing on them.

Move the camera with their movement and change cameras if the target gets out of sight.

After the conversation make your way to where the conversation was held. You have to interrogate Mister Galliard.

You can use different objects around you to help you interrogate your target.

Persue the shooter, do not let him out of your sight.

When being fired upon there is nothing you can do apart from dodge the incomming bullets. Roll or use cover to avoid being shot.

When dealing with police use cover to hide from them and take them out using hand to hand combat. Try avoid being seen by multiple police officers at a time.

Be prepared for oncoming obstacles.

Follow him to his car.

Find cover. There will be several groups of armed soilders looking for you.

Your best option is to do this silently as they can call for backup.

Tag enemies to keep track of their movement.

Use hand to hand combat when you can. Be careful of your surrondings.

Pick up one of the enemies weapon. Do not use it, it should only be used if you get caught.

Stay on the outside of the building as soilders will look mostly inside the building for you.

Always aim for the head to get an instant kill.

Use the execution ability when you can to kill multiple hostiles.

Kill all the enemies. Then get in the car to proceed to the next chapter.

Get in.