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Splinter Cell: Conviction Walkthrough Chapter 9: Michigan Ave. Reservoir

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Choose suppressed weapons make sure you have both a primary and secondary weapon.

Go through the whole in the gate, remain in cover and use and EMP to stun enemies from seeing you.

Be quick and go into the lower level by climbing this fence. From here you can get behind the enemies, flank them for a tactical advantage.

Kill all enemies remaining in the area. You can use your goggles to locate hostiles.

Interrogate the Black arrow officer. You can use the environment to help you.

Make your way to the side of the building where you can climb up to the top level using a pipe.

Eliminate all the enemies in the area. You can use your gadgets and the execution ability to help you.

Avoid alerting other enemies or getting caught as this will only make it more difficult.

Once the area has been cleared make your way to the scientist and rescue her. Follow the objective marker for directions.

Use the execution ability to take out this guards, if you do not have it use an EMP, grab the closet guard and use him as a human shield.

Then quickly execute the remaining guards.

Take out the remaining guards in your area. You can use the ledges in the center of the room to sneak around.

When using flashbangs remember to look away so you do not get stunned.

Explosives are handy when it comes to taking out groups of enemies.

Talk to the scientist.

Refill your ammo at the weapons stash.

Move to the side to avoid being spotted then climb onto the ledge and grab the enemy near it.

Stay hidden in the house and slowly take out enemies one by one.This can be done with explosives.

Jump out the window through the back, then flank and kill the remaining enemies.

The easiest way to take out the guard with the turrent is to throw a grenade.

Go through the underground path then climb up on this ledge and take out the incoming guard.

Clear out the area. You can use traps to help you, They are normally red.

Give Vic the co-ordinates for the EMP generator.

Make your way to the second generator. There will be enemies approaching your position.

Climb into the house through the window to hide from enemies.

Go through the fron door and flank the enemies.

You have the element of suprise to help you.

Refill at the weapon stash.

Take out the guards using the execution ability. You could also use an EMP and take them both out with a suppressed weapon.

Take out the enemies silently. They will be distracted and will be loading crates into cars.

Be constantly on the move, have your portable EMP ready for when you encouter enemies on the ground. You have to make a run for it.

Make sure you are not in the helicopters line of sight.

Have your primary weapon ready for close encounters.

Give Vic the co-ordinates for the second generator to complete the chapter.