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Splinter Cell: Conviction Walkthrough Chapter 4: Diwaniya Iraq

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This is a combat style level where you do not have a suppressed weapon. You can use stealth tactics to still aid you in this mission and avoid being killed.

As soon as you approach the first guards get in close but make sure you are in cover. Do not get spotted yet.

Kill the guards and move. Enemies will be attracted by the sound, if you move positions they won't know your location.

When they are looking for you be patient. Wait for the best oppertunity to kill multiple targets. You can use the chance you have to flank them when they are searching for you.

Kill all the enemies im the area. Move from cover to cover to avoid getting shot and constanly move positions to lose them. You can use your scoped weapon for long ranged shots. Watch out for grenades.

Once you have eliminated the targets proceed to the target marker. Once you get to what looks to be an old gas station get cover and prepare for a firefight.

Shot the oil tanker to create a distraction and when the enemies get distracted move up to a better place to cover.

Kill all the enemies in the area, use grenades to kill enemies behind cover. Watch out for grenades and try to stay in cover.

Continue forward through the broken gate on the right side.

You will encouter enemies that are still searching for you, take them out. If you leave them they could kill you later on

You will approach other camp. Shoot the red barrels to kill nearby enemies and create a distraction.

Kill the guard on the roof as he can easily spot you and shoot you from that height.

Kill the remaining enemies. Remember to stay in cover but try not to stay in the same position for a long time.

When moving make sure your never in the open just in case an enemy suprises you.

Continue to follow the objective marker and go save your squad leader, Sam.

When moving around tight corners make sure you check first, there could be an enemy waiting.

Use Grenades when enemies are close together.

Clear out the enemies in the building.

Follow the object marker and kill the two guards through the window and rescue Sam.

Remain in cover and only pop out when you are sure you are going to eliminate a target. Use the red barrels to eliminate multiple targets at once. Watch out for enemies on the roof and use grenades when you need to.