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Splinter Cell: Conviction Walkthrough Chapter 1: Merchant's Street Market

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Listen to Grim and follow the objective marker into the market, evading the enemies that are searching for you.

Move from cover to cover while in crouch mode. This feature will help prevent you from being caught by the enemy.

Remain in cover and do not move, wait for Grim to take out the power.

As the power goes off, you will be in a flashback. Walk through the first door infront of you to meet Sarah.

After the cut scene you will be placed back, out of the flashback. Remain in cover at aim for the closest guard's head and fire. You won't alert anyone.

Moving from barrier to barrier in crouched mode to avoid being caught, take out the remaining guards in the area.

You will be back in the flashback once completed.

As you are spotted in the cut scene, press the combat button to melee attack the nearby enemy.

Tag the other two enemies and press the execute button to finsh them off.

Proceed to the objective marker once you are back in modern Sam.

Perform a hand to hand kill on the guard to gain the execute ability.

Tag and execute the two guards.

Cover behind this barrier and wait for guard to approach then use hand to hand combat to gain the execute ability.

Mark the guards leaving out the one in the middle. aim for the one in the middle and shoot his head. Then quickly press the execute button to kill the remaining marked guards.

Persue Gramkos

Interrogate Gramkos, you can used nearby objects.