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Splinter Cell: Conviction Walkthrough Chapter 5: Washington Monument

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Approach the tailers from a far distance and make sure you are strafing from barrier to barrier. This is so when they turn around they won't see you.

When the tailers are in a dark area, away from citizens, Grab them and interrogate them.

Do this to all the tailers to move to the next objective.

If you have grabbed a tailer and citizens are nearby, bring him into the shadows while you choke hold him to stop you from getting caught.

Once you have eliminated all the tailers, Meet Vic at the objective marker.

You now have two new gadgets, a roller mine and a portable EMP. Use this to aid you in tricky situations.

In moments like this it's best to use your portable EMP to get out of the area and neutralise the enemies. The portable EMP stuns enemies in its range and can be used to make a quick escape.

Tag patrolling enemies to keep track of their movement. This reduces the risk of you unexpectedly running into them again.

Use car alarms to create a distraction and move enemies that are guarding your path.

You don't have to kill anyone, your objective is to get to your car. Don't risk your life to kill someone only when eliminate targets when necessary.

Stay in the shadows and never stay in the open.

You can use the execution ability to aid you pass guards.

You can detonate roller mines to create distractions.

Make your way to your vehicle.