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Splinter Cell: Conviction Walkthrough Chapter 8: Third Echelon HQ

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Use the weapons stash to collect suppressed weapons. If you get caught the mission will instantly fail.

Start a car alarm and climb onto this ledge, a guard will come out then take him out.

Try aim for the head.

Do a death from above to kill this enemy so you don't create to much attention.

Move in the shadows from barrier to barrier to reduce the risk of getting caught.

Watch out for cameras, if they spot you or a dead enemy you will fail the mission.

Use ledges to navigate yourself across the map without getting caught.

The execution ability is best to take out multiple hostiles, keep that in mind.

There are also air vents located around the map. Use them to move around the map quietly.

Plant the C4 at the target.

There are two locations where you plant C4. You will have to plant them to proceed to the next part of the mission.

Once you have rigged the two targets with C4, make your way to the elevator located at the target marker.

You don't have to kill all the enemies, if it's too risky then just avoid killing them.

Use the elevator to proceed.

As you exit the elevator, make your way to the desk.

Quickly jump over the desk and find cover. Enemies will come for you.

Take out the enemies.

Kill the enemies and make it through the hallway before the gate closes.

Use stun grenades or EMPs to stun the enemies. You could tag the two guards and execute them and remain hidden.

Proceed through the corridors. Avoid getting caught as this will just make it more difficult.

When in the server room you can climb onto the ledges above the machines. This will help you to take out enemies without getting caught.

Meet up with Grim's inside man, he will supply you with Sonar goggles.

You can use these to see trip wires and enemies behind walls. This will only work within a short range so do not rely on it so much.

Follow the target marker to your next objective.

Be aware of enemies as they are still searching for you.

When you get to the executive office you will need to use the goggles. This is because there are lasers in the room that when hit will trigger the alarm.

When moving fast while the goggles are on your vision is blurry, so move slowly to reduce the risk of hitting the alarms.

Always remained crouched so you can go under lasers.

Once you have passed the lasers go towards Kobin and interrogate him.

You can use the enviroment around you to aid you in your interrogation.

Refill your ammo and make any necassary upgrades if you wish.

The enemies will have similar goggles to you. This means that can see you even if your're hidden. This can be recognised by the sound the make.

You should constanly change positions as they can see you using their goggles. Kill all of them to proceed.

Enemies will be blocking your path towards Grim's office. You can kill them or sneak past them.

Turn on your goggles as there will be more lasers.

Use ledges and pipes to avoid the lasers.

As you pass the laser room you should proceed to follow the target marker, leading towards Grim's office.

You will encounter enemies on the way, take them out or leave them. I would be better if you take them out first to avoid them coming back and killing you from behind.

You will also encounter more enemies equipped with goggles so be ready.

Use your goggles to find them too.

Activate the telepresence to talk to Grim.

Make your way to the objective. Enemies will be nearby so be careful. You can use your gadgets to help evade them.

Complete the chapter by going down the open elevator.