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Splinter Cell: Conviction Walkthrough Chapter 10: Downtown District

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Exit the theatre. Be careful there are hostiles approaching your position.

Take them out. You can use Flashbangs to help you do so.

You can use your goggles to see through walls. This can help you track enemies and use this to find the best route to use.

Once the area has been cleared exit and walk down the street, passed the civilians.

Quickly run past the guard and climb the pipe. This will give you a height advantage and you can take out the enemies in the area without the risk of getting caught.

When enemies are together use explosives. Explosives do not give away your position they also lure other enemies to the area.

Target enemies to track their movements.

Use the ledges on buildings to navigate through the map without being seen.

Enemies with helmets do not require one shot to the head for an instant kill but require mulitple shots.

Use the darkness to sneak up behind enemies.

Make your way down the street. Be warned there is enemies nearby.

Climb up to the ledge so you have a good view of the enemies.

Take out all the enemies in the area, avoid using explosives as you can kill civilians and this will result in the mission failling.

Once the area has been cleared make your way down the road.

Get some cover. You must shoot the red tanker to blast the gates open. This will lead to alerting nearby hostiles.

Kill the enemies remaing. You can use stun grenades and EMPs to help you.

Make your way down the street.

When enemies are grouped together as they run down the road take advantage, throw a grenade to kill most if not all the enemies.

As you proceed further you will encounter more enemies. Take them out. Use your goggles to see through objects and track enemies.

Always remain in cover to reduce the risk of getting shot.

Take out the enemies near the outside wall of the white house. Use grenades to take out mulitple or the execution ability.

Enter the white house to complete the chapter.