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Splinter Cell: Conviction Walkthrough Chapter 11: The White House

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Make your way down the corridor past the dead bodies.

When turning corners be aware as there could be enemies around the corner.

When taking out these two hostile aim for the head and quickly kill them both.

Refill your ammo at the weapon stash, make any upgrades if you need to.

Make sure you have a primary weapon. It will come in handy. I recommend a suppressed assult rifle.

Shoot the big lights. This works as a trap it will kill anyone beneath it and will create a distraction.

Use explosives when dealing with multiple enemies.

Remember to check your corners. In the white house there is mostly an enemy guard per room.

Take out the guards so you can interrogate your target.

You can use the environment to aid you in your interrogation.

Get to cover enemy backup has arrived. Use your goggles to see them as they use smoke grenades.

Some of them will also have goggles so it is a good idea to keep changing your position.

You can use EMPs to make a quick escape.

Once the room has been cleared proceed. You will encounter more enemies. Take them out. You should use the execution ability to help you.

Follow the marker down the corridors.

Meet Grim. Follow the objective marker.

Take out enemies. You should use hand to hand combat for this guard.

Use the goggles to mark all the enemies in the room then execute them. It is quick, easy and silent.

Refill at the weapon stash. You need ammo as you will encounter many enemies.

Move from cover to cover to avoid being shot by the turrent.

You will encouter more enemies take them out.

Use a grenade to take out the enemy controlling the turrent.

Proceed down the corridors. Have your primary out as you will encounter more enemies.

Clear the area.

Make your way down the corridors.

Use explosives to take out muiltiple enemies.

Meet Grim.

Walk down the corridor.

Mark all of the guards in the area.

As Reed approaches you grab him.

You then have the option to shoot or bash him. Make your choice.

Kill or spare reed to complete the chapter and finish the game.