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Splinter Cell: Conviction Walkthrough Chapter 3: Price Airfield

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Exit the room through the caged door.

You must get C4. Your best option is stealth. Stay hidden, use the darkness you can shoot out lights to make areas dark.

Use hand to hand combat to take out the guard to aquire the execution ability.

Take out the guards using the execution abililty.

Take the C4 and proceed to the objective marker.

Remember you can look under doors to see if there's anyone around. It's probably best to do so first before you open the door into enemies.

Take out the Guard. Use barriers to avoid detection and remember to stay in the dark.

If you go to the right you are able to perform a "Death from above" on an emeny that is by himself on a lower level.

Use the poles located around the hangar to sneak around enemies and pick them off.

Kill all enemies in the hangar in order to plant the C4 on the chopper.

Remember to keep an eye out for traps. They will help you take out multiple enemies without having to be there. They also create a distracfion and lure other enemies.

Once the area is clear, plant the C4 on the chopper.

Follow the objective marker. It is a good idea to check under the door first to see if it is clear.

Stop at the Weapons stash and refill your ammo. You can upgrade your equipment here but remember to have a suppressed weapon. This mission is best done undetected.

Avoid lights as there is an increased chance an enemy will spot you. Take out the first guard by a simple shot to the head.

Go through the back side of the map, use windows rather then doors as you can see whats on the inside and take out enemies if you need to.

Take out all the enemies in the area. before shutting the power off.

You should also have the execute ability ready, just in case you have to take out multiple targets. It's a good idea to use hand to hand combat rather than your pistol as it gains you the execution ability.

Once all the enemies in the surrounding area have been killed, make your way to the back of the relay barracks. Use the back window rather than the front door to avoid being caught.

Once you have eliminated the enemies in the barracks, Shut off the power relay.

Remember to refill your ammo at the weapon stash.

At this point enemy soilders are on high alert and are looking for you. use shadows and pipes to navigate through the map.

Kill as much people as you can, if there is a high risk of you getting caught then just let them pass.

If you do run into trouble use your EMP grenade to stun the enemies and make a quick escape. There are too many to take on, try avoiding a firefight.

Once you make it to the satellite dish plant the C4.

At this point the whole base is alerted of your presence. It's best to avoid all combat unless necessary.

Make your way to the target marker and if you get caught use your EMP's.

Remember when taking out enemies its best to aim for the head.

Eliminate all the hostiles in the area.

Remember to move from barrier to barrier to avoid detection.

Hack into the computer to get into their security systems.

To finish this chapter exit the caged door and make your way to Grim's car.