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Splinter Cell: Conviction Walkthrough Chapter 2: Kobin's Mansion

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Exit the door into the street and head towards the objective marker.

Enter the first door to on your left and peak under to look for any nearby enemies.

Take out the guard using hand to hand combat.

Take out the two guards at the front using the execute ability.

Climb up the walls using a nearby pipe then at the first window take out the guard by pulling him out.

Turn off the lights to be in darkness and avoid detection.

Take out the guards using the execute ability.

SIlently take out the remaining guards using hand to hand combat.

Stay crouched and in the darkness to avoid detection. Shoot the light to drop on the enemies below it.

Remain hidden as enemies will check out what has happened. As the come shoot them in the head to kill them instantly.

Follow the marker to the weapon stash. It is a good idea to refill your ammo and upgrade your guns.

Climb over the locked door using a pole.

Tag the two enemies but do not kill them yet, do a death from above to the enemy on his own then execute the other two.

Use traps and your weapon to take out the remaining enemies.

Follow the marker. Then cover at barrier and wait for enemies to approach.

Go right and tag the enemy in the middle and on your side.

Using the execute ability kill them as they approach your range and kill the remaining enemies. Use your EMP grenade to stun enemies and create darkness.

Proceed to the marker and refill your ammo and upgrade your equipment.

Continue to follow the marker and climb up the walls using the pole.

Throw the enemy out the first window and continue.

Tag the two guards and execute them.

Approach this door and be ready for a fight. There will be multiple enemies that will be alerted by you opening this door.

Bash the door open and head straight for cover. Use EMP grenades to stun enemies and create darkness. This will cause them to lose sight of you.

Approach Kobin, you cannot kill him as you must interrogate him first. Stun him with an EMP grenade and grab him.

Interrogate him, you are able to use nearby objects to aid you.