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Splinter Cell: Double Agent Walkthrough BONUS Misson!

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Moss ascends the stairs to the bridge. You can begin moving once the fighter jets roar overhead.

Crawl into this vent.

Exit out this door, then quickly turn right.

Enter through this door before anyone can spot you through the window.

Climb this ladder.

Hold steady until Moss returns to this position, then climb out.

Grab Moss from behind.

A scuffle ensues, but Sam is victorious.

You can now scan Moss' retina. Completing all profiles earns you the Agent of the Month achievement.

Pick the lock and hack the computer to disarm the bomb and complete the objective.

You then have a scant nine seconds to escape out this door undetected.

You'll then automatically jump into the water as the boat explodes. Game over. Thanks for looking at my walkthrough and I hope this helped you! Game on!