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Splinter Cell Walkthrough T'iblisi

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Walk forward from your spawn after you turn on night vision. There'll be a ladder. Climb it.

There will also be a trap door on the platform on top of the ladder. Open it and get inside.

Just keep go ahead the vent and you'll find a pipe to climb. Run up to it to climb up it.

Jump onto the zipline to get to the next building where your informant is.

Grimsdottir will tell you lots of directions. FOllow them to get to where the informant is located at.

You should find him underneath a fallen beam. He'll tell you where your target is.

Go out the door that'll be to your right and run through the room of smoke quickly to keep as much as health as you can.

Walk around the walkway and get to this little opening and run to the other side.

Walk through this little crevice to get advance.

Shoot the guard that'll be outside so you don't get detected.

Then enter the building.

Head to the left where a hallway will be a take out the guard that'll be there.

Follow the hallway and head inside the last room on the right.

Interract with the painting in the room to find a computer.

Use the computer and head or the door behind you.

Enter the code 091772 to open the door.

Turn to the left and get on the zipline.

Open the door on the left.

Climb down the wire and get all the way done to the top of the elevator.

Then, open the trap door on the top of it.

Head to the door that'll be up ahead and pick the lock.

Since you can go on the streets now, sneak past the cops that are there by shooting them or just sneaking by.

Go all the way down the alley and go up the stairs that's to your left.

Up ahead should be a little vent so go inside it.

Access the computer that's inside the room and get the code to the station.

Head inside the fence.

Turn left.

Head down this alley and enter the fence to the right.

When you get inside the fence, turn left and enter the gate.

Get on top of the dumbster and jump onto the ledge of the wall to go over it.

Go ahead and down the stairs.

Then, enter the code you got on the computer, 5929.

Head down the hall and take out the guard.

Advance through the hall unto you get to this door. Take out the guards and get inside.

Go through the door that's in the back of the lab area.

And there will be the bodies.

Then exit the lab area and go to the left and enter the door and go up the stairs.

Enter the door on top of the stairs and turn left into this doorway. Then, turn left again through the doorway.

Head up the stairs and turn left and kill the guards that are there.

Enter the last door that's on the right to get to the video surveillance.

Then, access the computers.

Get out of the room, go downstairs until you get to this doorway.

Then, turn left and enter this door that'll lead to the street where you'll get picked up.