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Splinter Cell Walkthrough Chinese Embassy

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After talking to Coen, begin down the alley that's in front of the hallway.

Run and jump up the wall that'll be at the end of the alley to get to the other side.

Continue down the this alley and turn left after you pass this dumpster.

Head through the hole in the wall that's ahed of you.

And then head up the ladder to your right.

When on the platform, get down to the ground and take ou those guards.

Then, continue down the alley.

Turn right at the end of the alleyway.

Head through the gateawy ahead of you.

Turn left.

Go down the ladder that's on the ground.

Go straight and then head left.

After taking out this guard, turn right.

Keep going straight past the doorway.

Follow the tunnel ahead.

Head through the doorway and go onto the ladder that's a litle ahead of you and above you.

Take out this guard when he turns around and get on the ladder on the left side of this image.

When you get on the platform, jump on this window ledge...

Onto this sign...

And onto the next one...

Then, run jump onto the awning on the other side of the fence.

And of course, a perfect landing for a score of 10 from the judges. Heh.

After a loading screen, take a right on this alleyway, not the doorway.

Then, turn right and take out this guard and turn right once again.

Keep heading down the alley.

Take a right into the alley that's after the sign with the arabic writing.

Instead of going onto the ladder, turn left.

Follow the alley and take out this guard.

Advance ahead and go around the cornor.

Sneak past in between the truck and window.

Turn left.

Then a right around this cargo hold.

A left when you get here.

After a cutscene, head a little ahead to the house and use your mic to listen to the conversation.

Make sure to record the whole conversation.

Even when he's in the limo.

Walk across the doors to get to the rendezvous point.

Climb over the pipe to get to the van where Coen will be.

And you're done!