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Splinter Cell Walkthrough Chinese Embassy II

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Behind he spawn point is an alley on the right. Proceed in it.

Enter the door on the right.

On the right side of the kichen, there'll be a ladder. CLimb it.

And up another.

Take out the guard that;s on the other building.

Walk across the beam to get to the other building.

Head through the doorway and use the zipline.

Shimmy along this edge and head to the left.

When you can, drop onto the awning.

Walk on the window ledges and around the cornor.

Climb up the pipe.

Head through the little vent on the ground to proceed.

Enter the room ahead.

Go through the hole in the wall on the right side of the room.

Walk through this tight space.

At the end of the right space, there will be pipe. Descend down it.

Walk across another tight space.

Take out the guards anyway you want in this room.

After that, head in the room and use the computer on the right.

Proceed to the next door.

Enter the door and go up the stairs.

Take out the guards on the floor you get to and head right.

Use the keypad on the left side of the hall, the code is 1436

Then, open a door and go up the stiars on the left.

Go up these stairs and head right.

Shoot out the light on the last chandilier.

Then, get on it and stay in this position until the guards come.

Wait at the door until it opens.

When it does, head in and open this window and jump out.

Head through this doorway.

Take out the guards that'll be there.

After that, head straight and enter the door that's ahead.

Take out the guard up the stairs and enter the door.

Run and jump on the shelf to your left to get over the boxes.

Go through the doorway and take out the guard that's there. Wait for him to enter the code. if you rushed it, the code is, 9753.

Head through the door into the next room.

Take out these guards...

And go through this crevice between the boxes.

Get on top of this box...

And run and jump up the boxes to get on top.

Continue on the walkway.

Shoot the gas tank for the truck to explode.

Head down the stairs...

And right next to the stairs will be a trap door. Open it and head down.

Take out the guards that'll be in the tunnel.

Wait for the guard to talk to his colonel.

When he leaves, follow him.

Go through the elevator after him. The code is 1456

Then, use the elevator.

Continue to follow the soldier.

Open the door with the code, 1834.

And the next door with the code, 7921.

Turn right to get to the general's office.

After the cutscene, jump over the desk and grab the general and make him use the computer.

Once he's done, leave through a way the explosion will make.

Enter through this door that will be ahead.

Turn right into this little room.

Wait for an explosion to break the wooden planks on that door.

Then head down to that window and open it.

Jump down and head up the stairs.

And you're done.