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Splinter Cell Walkthrough CIA HQ

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Start heading to the building.

Get to the pipe that's on the left side of the doors and climb it.

Get on the awning kind of a thing.

Head right and there should be a vent.

Open the trap door at the end of the vent.

Head through the scanners and through the doorway ahead.

Enter this door when you get in the next room.

Enter the elevator ahead.

Get to the 6th floor.

Take a right at the end of the hallway when you get to the floor you want to get to.

Enter the door that's on the right after the vending machines.

Look in your notes to see waht the code for the door is and type it in to get in.

Get inside the next room to where the door is.

Look in your notes to learn what the code is for this door.

Head down the stairs.

Enter the door that's at the bottom of the stairs.

Head up some stairs and enter this door that;ll be in the room.

Follow the hall and turn left when you get to this intersection.

Follow the hall until you get to this door. Enter it.

Enter the key for the door that'll be ahead.

Get down there and find the computer.

When you do, use it.

After that, get outta there from the way you came in.

Head straight and turn right and enter this door.

Continue down the hall.

After going through the double doors, head through this hall.

Turn left when you go down the hall.

Go down the hall and on your left should be a stairway. Go down it.

Enter the code at the door down the stairs then enter it.

Go through the last door on the left.

And through the other in the room you just entered.

Then, enter and use the elevator.

Go up.

Enter the media room which should be to your right when you get out of the elevator.

Go through the doorway in the media room by sneaking behind the desks.

Then, head straight and get in room 508

Use the computer that's in there.

Turn right when you get outta the office and head down this hallway with the nice tile floor.

Enter the auditorium that is on the left side of the hall with double doors.

Go down the aisle and take out the guard ahead and enter the door that's behind him.

Get to the end of the hall and enter the double doors where Mitchell will most likely be going.

Follow him into the smoking area and outside. Then, take him out.

Take out guards who'll come.

Then, take his body and head through that alley that;s ahead.

Turn left to the catwalk.

Turn another left at the intersection.

Go down the stairs and enter the door.

Enter this doorway on the right,

Find the door that's on the right far wall. Make sure you don't get spotted.

Go down the stairs and get down to the ground by just walking off this awning.

And take out this guard.