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Star Trek: Elite Force II Walkthrough Demise

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Use your tricorder's structural integrity view mode to spot the damaged door. Blast it to find a secret area.

Inside you'll find health and energy terminals, as well as this Exhaust Vent Control terminal. Use your tricorder to shut down the fires outside.

Climb up these crates to reach the walkway above. A brief battle with the Xenomorphs follows.

"Use" the door panel to open the door behind. Do the same on the next panel ahead.

You'll battle some more Xenomorphs, and a grateful Attrexian emerges. "Use" this Mine Cart Control Terminal to discover that power is offline. Health and energy terminals are behind you. Continue through the green-lit door visible in the background.

Use your tricorder on this Mine Cart Power Terminal while the Attrexian battles the Xenomorphs.

This one's a bit tricky. You must keep the yellow and blue lines separate.

Return to the Mine Cart Control Terminal and send a mine cart crashing through the broken door.

Follow the green lights, battling any Xenomorphs on the way. Climb up this ladder. An energy terminal is at the top.

Again, follow the green-lit doors. This time the Xenomorphs are a bit tougher. Yikes! After the battle, a cutscene follows.

You must keep Avak'Stas alive. Xenomorphs enter the station through the hull, sucking out the air supply.

Fight against the rushing air to make your way through this door.

Before the air supply runs out, "use" this Emergency Shield Terminal to seal the rupture visible in the background.

Follow Avak'Stas and defend him from the onslaught. He'll open the weapons locker.

Enter the weapons locker. Inside you'll find power and health -- and a really nice surprise. Blast this wall with your Assault Rifle's secondary fire.

Jump on in! Anyone remember Lidsville?

Woot! An old-fashioned side-scroller. Golden Starships 15-20 are available for the picking! Note: Quicksave works here.

Exit through this door then return to the other Attrexians and a cutscene.

Continue through this door behind the Attrexians, turn left, then exit through the large door to a lift.

Take the lift up and battle the Xenomorphs, finally passing through a green-lit door.

Approach this Attrexian to view another cutscene.

Wait for the Attrexian to get this lift working, then jump on.

Take the lift up then "use" this Escape Pod Control Terminal to launch the escape pod.

Take the lift back down and the Attrexian offers, "Thank you. Can we offer you some energy for your weapon?" Inside the indicated room you'll find an energy terminal and 50 plasma.

Exit through this door and battle the Xenomorphs on the other side. Inside are several vials of Idryllium.

Return to the lift then leave through this door. Climb the ladder to find energy and health.

"Use" this Door Panel to open the adjacent door, then battle the Xenomorphs beyond.

The Command Center is just ahead. Take the stairs down to view a cutscene.

Protect the Command Official then view a series of cutscenes.

Enter this door behind Jorge, then another to the trapped Attrexian Chief Engineer.

Follow these stairs and go up the ladder.

Walk across the pipe, jump over the railing and exit through the green-lit door.

Use your tricorder on the Engineer Office Manual Override. You'll also find some Idryllium inside.

The toughest one yet. That cross-gate in the upper-right only flows straight across, so you're safe on the sides.

Return the way you came, then pass through the now-green door to rescue Vor'chov.

Get on the lift and accompany Vor'chov as she gets the three generators back online.

While Vor'chov works on the generators, return to the lift.

Take the lift back up before Vor'chov gets all three generators online. You'll find a secret area with Idryllium, health and energy terminals. The Xenomorphs will chase you to the lift and ignore Vor'chov.