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Star Trek: Elite Force II Walkthrough Remove and Disable

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Climb the ladder then "use" this Exterior Maintenance Hatch to exit to the Enterprise hull. Pull out your Sniper Rifle (secondary fire cycles zoom).

Use the lower gravity to jump high above the rotating shielding.

Use your tricorder to modulate the Idryll Sabotage device. Follow your beacon to the other two devices. Disable all three before the allotted time runs out.

Now for the really BIG guns.

Tuvok: "Disable the Cruiser's weapons, engines and warp drive without destroying the vessel." These areas are targeted in red.

Destroy all three targeted areas on the Capital Ship without sacrifycing its integrity (indicated at right).

The third target. One is on the front of the Capital Ship. The other two are on the sides.

You must also destroy incoming fire to prevent the Enterprise from becoming destroyed (indicated at left). Your primary fire is good for this purpose. Your slower, more powerful secondary fire should be reserved for the Capital Ship's targeted areas.

Destroy all three targeted areas without destroying the Capital Ship to end the mission.