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Star Trek: Elite Force II Walkthrough Mercenaries

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"Use" the switch to the right of this door and it opens to reveal Golden Starship 56. Open this Jeffries-like hatch and inside you'll find Golden Starship 57.

Exit through this green door behind the two Andorians.

Golden Starship 58 is placed inside this steaming pipe.

"Use" the switch to the right of this door and enter the Cantina.

Morrowind's "House of Earthly Delights" and Neocron's "Pepper Park" come to mind.

Talk to the bartender and view a cutscene.

The Bat'leth's secondary attack provides a crushing overhead blow against the Nausicaan Bouncer.

Pass through this green door and the next to view a cutscene.

Respond to Omag with Ferengi Rules of Acquisition 60 and 181.

Time to break out the firepower. Exit the Cantina through this green door.

Fill up on energy and health, then pass through the green door.

Fight off the Klingons (the Compression Rifle's secondary attack works well) and continue where indicated.

Pass through another green door.

Jump across this railing and you'll find Golden Starship 59 behind the red door.

More energy and health. Climb the ladder.

Defeat the Klingons on the catwalk then go through this green door.

Continue down this corridor to exit the area.

Battle down the corridor and go through this green door.

Fight your way to the area below. Note the health terminal bottom center.

Hop across the crates and exit out the green door. The crates are very wobbly so don't linger.

Follow Omag as he makes this right turn down the corridor.

Yup, that's Omag rushing to the green door. Follow him through.

Omag takes a lift down. Keep pace by taking this lift down right after him.

Omag convinces the Klingon Boss, Lurok, to do battle with you.

Pummel Lurok until his rig drops from the track. The Quantum Burst works well.

Rush over to the Repair Rig Manual Override in the center of the room. The display has changed from "System Busy" to "Awaiting Command." Activate it to swing Lurok's Rig in front of the exhaust vent.

Hurry around the other side of the console to the Exhaust Vent Control Panel.

Activate it to send jets of hot flame over Lurok and his rig. Repeat the process several times and Lurok escapes the rig.

Now it's a fair fight. Defeat Lurok and end the mission.