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Star Trek: Elite Force II Walkthrough Incognito

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Take the tunnel on the left. Activate your (Romulan) tricorder's Structural Integrity View Mode to identify this destructible rock formation at the cliff's edge. You have no weapons, so you must jump on the rock to reveal Golden Starship 61. Note: I had trouble being credited with a Secret after retrieving the Starship. Step around the immediate area if need be.

Turn around and exit the cave.

Turn right and approach the guard. He asks for your credentials. Use your tricorder on the Credential Input Terminal for clearance.

Activate your tricorder's Bioscan View Mode and avoid the searchlight-like Bio Scanners.

Again, use the tricorder to present your credentials at the second checkpoint.

Watch the Romulan Warbird lift off then descend these steps to the right.

"Use" this vent cover and it slides open. Enter the vent.

Climb onto one of these to reach the shelf above and Golden Starship 62.

Head into this building.

Note Golden Starship 63 in the ceiling above. "Use" the indicated switch to open the vent. Jump up to grab the Starship. Note: This is the only Golden Starship in this area that does not credit you with a Secret.

Next, go into this building.

"Use" the indicated ventilation grate and it slides open. Pass through to find Golden Starship 64.

Talk to this desk-bound guard then present your credentials to this Credential Input Terminal. The guard upgrades your security clearance for access to Sector T.

Ascend these stairs and pass through the now-accessible door.

Use your tricorder on this Security Console to glean the Sector T access code.

Your next destination is the Datapad next to this door.

Use your tricorder on the Datapad for a simple symbol-matching puzzle.

Pass through the door to a cutscene, then find the 65th Golden Starship behind this ventilation unit.

The Communications Center is up these stairs.

Use your Disruptor to destroy these three Comm Equipment Generators to create a distraction and complete the objective.

Get your Disruptor ready. You've got the Romulans' attention.

Fight past the Romulans and pass through the indicated doorway to exit the area.

Use the railing to hop onto this ledge. You'll find Golden Starship 66 in a cubbyhole to the rear-left. Note the health terminal pictured lower-right.

Continue up the stairs and approach the Romulan spy to view a cutscene.

Activate your tricorder's Bioscan View Mode before passing through the green door. Avoid two sets of Bioscanners then pass through the green door to the left.

Use your tricorder on this Computer Console to access the ladder and passageway to the right.

Kill these two Romulans before they can activate the Alarm Panel.

You'll find a secret area behind these pipes.

Snipe the Romulan from above. Pick up the indicated Romulan Experimental Radiation Disruptor.

Exit through the green door and you'll find a health terminal to the right. To the left you'll find these stairs and another green door. Pass through and defeat the Romulan on the other side.

Make two right turns, defeat this Romulan and pass through the green door on the left. (The green door on the right is where you started this area.)

Switch your tricorder to Bioscan View Mode and avoid the Bioscanners.

Use your tricorder on this Information Console to glean the Equipment Room Access Code.

Find your way down the corridor to this keypad.

Use your tricorder for another symbol-matching puzzle and pass through the door.

Hop onto the pipes then activate your night vision and go under the stairs.

"Use" this section of flooring to reveal Golden Starship 67.

Don't get too greedy -- this Golden Starship is inaccessible for the moment.

Back up the pipes and through this crawlway.

Take two rights to find Golden Starship 68.

Backtrack past the crawlspace entry you used previously then continue through this accessway.

Find this weakened panel and grab Golden Starship 69 - the one you first noticed in the Equipment Room.

Exit to find these two Romulans. Take them out.

Approach this hatch to slide it open. Use your tricorder on the Security Grid Console to disable the Bioscanners outside.

Use your tricorder on this Information Console to download data from the main computer and complete the objective.

Exit left then right. Pass the now-deactivated Bioscanners and through the green door. Descend the stairs to view a short cutscene.

You can activate this dancer hologram just for kicks.

Follow the informant and "Use" the Lift Control to exit the area.

Turn right after exiting the lift. You'll find Golden Starship 70 on the ledge.

The informant leads you to the detention facility and Gonzalez.

A brief cutscene follows where you discover she is a double-agent for the Order of the Empty Crown!

Her personal cloaking device makes her difficult to target, but one shot from your Rom X Rad's secondary fire can take her out.

Watch a lengthy cutscene and the mission ends.