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Star Trek: Elite Force II Walkthrough Payback

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You escape the crashed shuttle. Follow your beacon, as indicated. Fight the Idryll. You'll find supplies at his camp, just visible in the background. Proceed under the tree.

Another Idryll encampment. Defeat them and take their supplies.

Make your way to this bridge. The bombardment causes the guard tower to fall.

More Idryll beam in. After defeating them climb over this rubble to the other side of the fallen tower.

Keep moving to avoid the incoming bombardment. They will lock onto your position if you stand still.

The bombardment is coming from these Idryll on the bridge.

Use your Sniper Rifle to take them out.

Snipe the Idryll in the guard tower ahead.

Walk up the indicated hill.

Destroy the Idryllglicium Container to find the 50th Golden Starship.

More Idryll on the bridge ahead. Your Sniper Rifle can take them out. To the right is another Idryll camp with supplies and a break in the bridge you can traverse to avoid the gas.

More Sniper Rifle fodder. To the right is yet another camp with supplies.

To the left is this rubble. Climb it to reach a secret area.

Destroy this crate to find Golden Starship 51.

More Idryll beam in as you cross the bridge. The Enhanced Compression Rifle's secondary fire works well against them.

Snipe this pair while avoiding their bombardment.

Pass through this door to exit the area.

This vantage point permits an attack between the crates. Snipe any other targets of opportunity on the other side before crossing.

Try to cross to the right and the bridge is knocked out. Use your tricorder on this Bridge Power Override for another random waveform-matching puzzle.

Backtrack to the center area and "use" this Bridge Control Panel to extend the bridge. Cross the bridge and descend the left stairs.

More Idryll on the other side. Missiliers are to the left, center and right of the bridge.

Defeat the snipers then take the walkway on the right. Modulate this terminal with your tricorder.

Enter the ship through the opened hatch to find a secret area with Idryllium and Golden Starship 52.

Continue around to the bridge behind this castle. The bridge collapses and you battle the triple boss...

Leviathan. The Staff from Mission 5 is your best defense.

After defeating the three Leviathans, exit the area through this door.

Where you are promptly captured.

Krindo interrogates you. You must respond with "We don't trade hostages." or the mission ends in failure.

Defeat this Xenomorph then jump across the hole caused by this explosion. Take the door on the right after crossing.

Continue through the habitrail to this area. Jump onto the indicated branch.

Jump to the lower deck and proceed as indicated.

Duck under this branch and head to the back to a secret area. Golden Starship 53 is to the right of the door behind the crates. Backtrack across the tree to the other side of the bridge.

Use these health and energy terminals then climb this ladder. Defeat the Xenomorph and exit the area through the doors behind you.

Defeat the initial batch of Xenomorphs then head down the corridor. Turn on your night vision and look at the indicated wall.

Fire your phaser at the symbols in the order indicated. The symbols are pushed into the wall, and you hear the door behind you open.

Inside you'll find the 54th Golden Starship and another Staff like the one found in Mission 5. Secondary fire stuns the target when touched. Grabbing the Staff credits you with Golden Starship 55.

Modulate this Lift Panel with your tricorder, then step on board.

This Xenomorph bursts through to your left. Defeat it then take the door to the right.

Continue to this lift. Bombard the Xenomorphs below before "using" the Lift Panel. Health and energy terminals are also available. Pass through the large door visible to the rear.

Approach Krindo to initiate a cutscene.

Use your Staff's secondary fire to prevent the Stalker from phase shifting. Note the energy and health terminals in the background.

Once the Stalker is defeated, Krindo informs you, "I have successfully rerouted power to the lift control mechanism. Let's get out of here." Follow him to the lift to end the mission.