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Star Trek: Elite Force II Walkthrough Destruction

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Make your way to the Cargo Bay, fighting past the Idryll and the explosive decompression.

Destroy this Storage Container. Inside is Golden Starship 36.

Kill the Idryll then take this ladder up to the catwalk, where more Idryll beam aboard. Health and energy terminals are visible through the catwalk.

Defeat the remaining Idryll and Korban initiates a system lockdown. Pass through this now-available Jeffries tube.

Wait for the flame to subside then jump down.

Continue this way.

Then up the ladder and through this hatch. Take the next hatch on the right as well.

After the explosion, jump down through this hole.

You're back in the Library. Use this console and Golden Starship 37 beams in behind you.

Assist Tuvok in defending the corridor.

Tuvok orders you through this hatch to defend Sick Bay.

You must protect Jurot. Defeat these Idryll then pass through the door visible in the background. Sickbay is directly across the corridor.

Approach Jurot. More Idryll beam in. Defeat them.

Chell requires assistance in Engineering. Jurot advises you to take this Jeffries tube. Note the health terminal.

Follow the Jeffries tube down a ladder to this Cargo Bay and more Idryll. Note the health and energy terminals.

Barclay: "The warp core is overheating. Everyone out!" Approach him to view a cutscene of Idryll sabotaging the warp core.

Each device's explosion will add to the warp core temperature. Destroy them before they explode.

Standing on this table will give you a good vantage point and place you strategically for upcoming events.

The arrows mark common beam-in points for the Idryll. Don't forget to watch the upper level.

If you are successful at repelling the saboteurs, you are ordered to use your tricorder on this Warp Core Energy Panel (the table you were standing on).

Ugh. The time you have left is dependent upon how fast you've repelled the Idryll saboteurs. Here's the solution.

If you route power too slowly you must eject the core. Barclay gives you the code. Use your tricorder on the indicated panel.

Take the ladder up to the indicated Jeffries hatch. Pass through to find Golden Starship 38.

Take a turbolift to the Bridge. Defend Picard from the attacking Idryll.

Head into the Observation Lounge before the action finishes to find Golden Starship 39. View a cutscene to end the level.