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Star Trek: Elite Force II Walkthrough Search and Rescue

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Cross the bridge. Destroy this cracked area to discover an unpowered door. Take this ladder down to the area below. Avoid the deadly water.

Find this secret area with 50 Idryllium.

Climb back up and cross the bridge. Pass through this door.

Use this security panel to disable the security system and make the door operational. Health and energy terminals are here.

Xenomorphs beam in. Destroy them then jump over the gap in the bridge.

Enter the colony and battle two more Xenomorphs. Approach this panel and Jurot discovers another malfunction.

Climb these crates and destroy the grating. Pass into the ducts.

Shoot this floor to reveal a secret area with Idryllium.

You'll emerge in an area with health and energy terminals, as well as more enemies - including this new hostile alien, the Cruiser Turret.

Turn left and climb up these pipes.

Jump onto, then over, this wall.

Jump onto the area in front of the green door.

Pass through the door to find the 40th Golden Starship. Take the ladder up and pass through the door to return.

Go up the ramp and then climb these stairs.

"Use" this Security Terminal and your objectives are updated. You must find the Attrexian engineer.

Go down the ramp on the other side and more Xenomorphs attack.

Your tricorder's Structural Integrity View Mode reveals this weakened wall. Destroy the Hytritium Storage Container to blast the area open, revealing a secret area with Idryllium.

Through the grille you can see a code on the wall: 715151337. You'll need this later.

Inside this dumpster is a secret area with more Idryllium.

Defeat the Cruiser Turret and pass through the doorway.

Behind this door are two trapped Attrexians and more Idryllium.

Go up the stairs and you'll find the Attrexian Engineer behind these crates. A case of 150 Fed is visible in the bottom left.

Pass through the green door and return to the Security Terminal. Protect the Engineer.

The Engineer continues up the stairs to the other terminal. Activate the Security Terminal on his mark. Your team can now join you.

Walk up to the platform with the Engineer. Step over the railing onto the bridge girders. Walk across the girders to the other side of the bridge. You'll find the 41st Golden Starship tucked away inside.

Hop back down to the bridge deck. Turn right through the previously-locked door and pass through this door for a secret area with 100 shielding.

Return to the trapped Attrexians for a cutscene.

Follow the Attrexian, but not all the way. When you get here, turn around.

Enter the code you discovered earlier: 715151337.

Inside is a secret area with this cryptic message.

Follow the Attrexian to the sewer entrance. "Use" this door panel and a brief cutscene follows. A health terminal is on the left, and Idryllium and Fed are available here as well.

Time for another boss, Quadruped. The Arc Gun works well against him. Use the surrounding crates for cover.

Hear that metal rocking in the breeze? Your tricorder reveals its structural weakness. Blast it with your phaser.

Drop through the crater it makes after crashing to the ground and exit the area.

Ready your Arc Gun and fight your way to this broken fan. Jump through.

Inside you'll find some Idryllium and this Attrexian Systems Panel.

Use your tricorder on the Panel. Solution above. Exit through the green door.

Continue left past the large fan and pass through this door, being careful not to get sucked into the fan blades behind you.

Inside you'll find health and energy terminals, as well as this Door Panel. "Use" it to raise the barriers outside.

Make your way past the raised barrier (the window of the room you were just in will be on the right). Straight ahead is another fan, and this secret area with supplies.

Approach this floating crate bearing the Klingon Trifoil.

"Use" the crate and it will sink. The message "Only 4 more left" appears.

Backtrack near the first broken fan and a Xenomorph bursts through this wall. Your tricorder reveals it as a weak spot. Blast it and more Xenomorphs attack.

Pass through to this secret area, previously visible but inaccessible.

At the back of the area is another Klingon crate. "Use" it to sink. Only 3 more left.

Backtrack to the window area. Directly opposite is Klingon crate number 3. "Use" it to sink. Only 2 more left.

Pass through this archway.

Fight your way through the barrage of Xenomorph fire to these stairs. Climb them about 3/4 of the way.

Turn around and jump onto this catwalk.

You'll find the 42nd Golden Starship and some Idryllium at the end of the catwalk.

Hop over the railing and then jump into the water below. Under the catwalk where you entered this area is the fourth Klingon crate. "Use" it to sink. Only one left.

Backtrack to the stairs and go through the door in the back. Health and energy terminals are to the right of the door.

Your team is on the other side, but when you approach them an explosion sends you plummeting below.

Your Arc Gun works well against this guy. Use your tricorder to modulate the ladder release terminal visible in the background.

Climb the ladder and pass through the green door, then the green door immediately to the right. As you approach this green door, Xenomorphs burst through.

Destroy the Hytritium Storage Container next to this damaged door, and the door will disintegrate. Enter to find the trapped Attrexians.

Backtrack to this area for the fifth Klingon crate. (The doors on the left are where you just came from.) "Use" to sink. "A door has opened elsewhere" message displays.

Pass through the door on the left and "use" this door panel to raise the barrier.

Turn left then jump into the water. The secret area is indicated above.

It's ...a Crate Monster! The Assault Rifle's secondary attack works rather well.

Here's your booty for defeating the Crate Monster.

Return to the room with the trapped Attrexians. Golden Starship 43 is hidden behind these crates.

Modulate this Ladder Release Terminal and a ladder lowers just ahead. Climb it and pass through the green door to exit the area.

Make your way to this area. Defeat the Xenomorph then hop onto the crate. Wait for the magnet to move close then jump onto the magnet.

Jump as indicated.

You'll find Golden Starship 44 here.

Golden Starship 45. Exit the area through the door visible on the right.

You're now in the factory. Ready your Arc Gun before opening the door, as a Xenomorph welcoming committee is on the other side.

Turn right and use this Lift Control Panel to update your objectives -- restore power to this lift.

Health and energy terminals are found here.

This is easy once your realize you can control your speed on the treadmill. Walk back to hold still while you wait for the flame to subside.

On your right is this room with more health and energy.

Go up the stairs and use your tricorder on this Attrexian Systems Panel.

Here's the solution.

You can now use this Piston Control Terminal to squash the bugs as they spawn.

Pass through this new hole in the health terminal room.

Use your night vision to fight past the Xenomorphs to this ladder.

Grab the Idryllium, pass through the green door and call the elevator, directly ahead. Xenomorphs spawn behind you.

The elevator malfunctions. Fortunately this structural weakness provides exit.

Grab onto the ladder and "use" this Lift Control Panel to open the door to the left.

A secret area with health and energy terminals is behind the indicated door.

Make a mad dash for it when you see the first two pistons rise together.

Make your way to this ladder. Almost at the top you'll find this secret area with Idryllium.

Fight past the Xenomorphs and enter this room with the flailing Attrexian.

Your tricorder's Trace Gas View Mode reveals the source of the gas. Use your phaser to seal the vents.

Golden Starship 46 is through the door to the right. Pass through the left door to another dying Attrexian and a cutscene.

Jump up and go through the green door in the back to Golden Starship 47. Health and energy terminals are here as well.

Pass through this door to exit the area.

Take the lift down and battle this guy. I recommend using the Staff from Mission 5.

Call this elevator and ride it down.

Next, pass through this door.

You'll find the 48th Golden Starship behind this pipe.

Pass through this door to another Xenomorph battle.

Golden Starship 49 is behind this red door.

Approach the crash site to view a series of cutscenes and end the mission.