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Star Trek: Elite Force II Walkthrough Reassignment

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After a brief discussion with Tuvok, you are directed to the Headmaster's office.

Follow your red directional beacon to the Academy courtyard. This is the perfect opportunity for Trek fans to walk freely around Starfleet Academy. Don't miss out on the conversations.

Your beacon leads to this building. Take the turbolift up to the Headmaster's office.

The Headmaster assigns you to teach the Cadets "Small Unit Tactics." Telsia then asks you to meet her in the courtyard.

You'll find Telsia here. Talk to her then a short cutscene ensues. You can choose which reply Munro gives, but the storyline does not branch.

Two years later, you and Korban find yourselves battling Romulans on a Klingon starbase. Defeat the Romulans in the area and find a way past the malfunctioning door.

Korban discovers, "A service duct. This should lead to the next chamber."

Pass the vents when they're not firing, then follow your beacon (red arrow in upper-right) to the duct exit.

Defeat the Romulans on the other side, then use your tricorder on the damaged door junction. A power terminal is available as well.

This is the first power-routing puzzle. Rotate the gates to restore power flow. Solution above.

More Romulans beam in. VIsible in the background is your immediate destination - a health terminal and an elevator.

Take the elevator down and Korban opens the door to the arena. Grab the Bat'leth and battle the Romulans.

Doh! It was just a holodeck excercise.

But none other than Jean-Luc Picard was watching, and he was impressed. He offers to revive the hazard team.