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Star Trek: Elite Force II Walkthrough End Game 2

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Switch your tricorder to Torpedo Strike View Mode. Target this guard tower and press and hold your "Use" key to have the Enterprise destroy the target. The tower's ruins fade, revealing this secret area with Idryllium.

The Tetryon Gatling Gun works well against the many Romulans.

You'll find supplies to the right.

Another guard tower. Switch to Torpedo Strike View Mode and have the Enterprise take it out.

Golden Starship 72. Pass through the doorway in the background for a cutscene.

Snipers! Use your Sniper Rifle to take out the snipers on the cliffs. Your Tricorder's Torpedo Strike View Mode will call in orbital strikes from the Enterprise to take out snipers in the tower.

Golden Starship 73 is in the lava flow.

Hop across these rocks to cross the lava flow. They are wobbly so make it quick.

The 74th Golden Starship is in the lava flow to the left.

Kill all the Romulans in the area, including these two rooftop snipers.

A Quadruped boss emerges. You can use your tricorder's Torpedo Strike View Mode to call in fire from the Enterprise to take him out.

Secondary fire on your Enhanced Compression Rifle will take out this structurally weak door.

Your night vision reveals health and energy terminals to the right.

The tunnel on the left has Fed ammo. Grab it then battle the Romulans in the tunnel to the right, where you'll find more Idryllium.

More Federation ammo beams in as you approach. Head up the path on the right.

Turn left to find Idryllium and this weakened rock. Use something stronger than your Phaser to destroy it, revealing Golden Starship 75.

Backtrack through the tunnel to the right of the path to exit the area. Note the health and energy terminals to the right of this Romulan.

A large battle with the Romulans ensues. Use any remaining fire from the Enterprise plus your personal arsenal to finish them off.

After all the Romulans are defeated, the Commander boss flies in. The Rom X Rad weapon is your best bet.

A cutscene follows the defeat of the Commander boss.

Pass through the door ahead. Note the energy and health terminals on the right. Idryllium is behind you.

Your Tetryon Gatling Gun works well against the Romulans. Hop across the lava flow and fight your way through the ruins.

Fight your way across this bridge.

Romulan reinforcements beam in. Kill them all.

Spot this weakened wall panel with your tricorder's Structural Integrity View Mode. Blast it with your phaser.

Golden Starship 76 is inside. Wait for the flame to subside before advancing.

Snipe the sniper in the next room.

Jump across the railing behind you and shoot this switch to descend.

Spot the Golden Starship -- we'll get to that in a moment. Use the energy terminal at the bottom.

Shoot this switch to ascend.

Drop down to this ledge. You'll find Golden Starship 77 around the left bend.

Leap down across the railing and pass through this door.

The Romulans are offered membership in the inner circle of the Empty Crown if they defeat you. Defeat them.

Make your way to this area where you'll find Golden Starship 78. You can just pass around the base of the elevator to pick up the starship.

"Use" this Lift Panel to exit the area.

Switch to the Arc Gun. Your first victim is this Cruiser Turret.

This Xenomorph bursts through a wall. After defeating him you can pass through the hole to grab some Idryllium. Exit through the other hole visible to the left.

Next up is this phase-shifting Stalker.

Hop across the oscillating boulder as indicated.

Use the energy and health terminals on the left, then destroy this structurally unsound boulder. Golden Starship 79 is beyond.

Frogger time again. Hop straight across to the other side.

Now it's two Quadrupeds to battle. Remember, the Staff's secondary fire freezes the enemy with its touch.

Next, onto another Cruiser Turret and this Stalker. The Staff works well against the Stalker to prevent him from phase shifting.

Golden Starship 80 is past the railing, as indicated.

Use your tricorder to modulate this Door Panel.

Another Stalker spawns. After defeating him, use your tricorder to modulate the Door Panel visible on the right. Pass through the door visible on the left.

Defeat the Commander. Beware the Cruiser Turret in this area as well.

Before exiting, turn around to spot this weakened area of rock. Blast it to find Golden Starship 81, the final Golden Starship of the game.

There are four sets of health and energy terminals in the area. The terminals open at random intervals. Behind the terminal indicated "2" above is the only Secret for this area - a Romulan Experimental Radiation Gun.

Your Arc Gun or the Rom X Rad's primary fire work well against the spider-like Pendra.

Quantum Bursts and the Rom X Rad's secondary fire work well against Commander Suldok.

Alternate between the Rom X Rad's primary fire for the Pendra and its secondary fire against the Archeopendra.

The Archeopendra is the final boss. Defeat it to end the mission and the game.

A final series of cutscenes plays to close the story. The Hazard Team has been a huge success, and Picard recommends expanding the program throughout Star Fleet.

If you chose to meet Telsia in Information Gathering 7 you see a cutscene with her, otherwise you see a cutscene with Kleeya accepting Munro's invitation to earth.

Lastly, the end credits. And that is the game! I hope you enjoyed this game and I hoped this walkthrough helped you! Game on!