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Starcraft Walkthrough Zerg - 4: Agent Of The Swarm

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For the first 10 minutes, defend your base from enemy.

Build offensive tower too. Also, you can use Zerg Queen parasite ability to get vision of the infected unit. Free scout service.

For the new task, you've to travel using the Overlord. Tips: Move from nearby island to another. First, the middle island.

The resources in the middle island is enough to launch an attack to top enemy base if you do it properly. Make sure that your armies contain zerglings, hydralisks and mutalisks.

Mutalisks aim for Siege Tank. Too powerful for Zerglings to handle. Better destroy it first.

Also, set up base near the enemy base if you want to play safe. Yup, this is the safe strategy. Most AI is stupid too handle this kind of strategy. :P

Spam Zerglings and few Hydralisk to enemy base. The mission ends when Raynor's Command Center destroyed. [END]