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The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Walkthrough The Invasion

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After the cutscene Carter wakes up in the hotel room. Apparently the gunshot wound is now healed. Curious.

There isn't actually much to do in this room. However, when you approach the burned lady Carter will comment on it.

Carter also comments on the briefcase on the floor by the coffee table.

Exit through the only door at the far end of the room when you're ready.

When you're out the door head straight down the hallway and take a left.

After taking a left sprint down the hallway and take cover under the windows immediately.

There's a gunship right outside the window that will kill you if you aren't in cover. Shimmy to the right.

Make sure to get used to crossing gaps as I found it very important to maintain movement while in cover throughout this game.

Continue to the right, remembering to cross the gaps while in cover, and then when you're out of sight of the windows cut to the right and go through the door on the left.

Once inside go left and vault over the filing cabinet.

Head further down the hall way and then take a right and go down the stairs.

You can cut a left at the bottom of the stairs or go straight but you're heading towards the next doorway ahead either way.

Once inside the cafeteria go straight (towards the fallen vending machine). You can explore a little if you want (it's safe) but there's not actually anything to get in here.

From the vending machine head left into the room with the pool tables and then to the right through the door ahead there.

From this hallway head to the right.

Head outside the door ahead.

Again you're in a bigger open area but there's still (realistically) no cause for alarm yet. You can explore if you want, but there's really nothing to find here.

So, when you're ready, go towards the crashed plane and watch a short cutscene.

An agent went inside the building ahead- he could be a valuable ally during this invasion. When the cutscene ends you will be attacked. There isn't any strategy to use yet beyond just kill them.

Shortly after confronting the first two Sectoids three more will come at you from over the roof.

A little after confronting them you will have 3 more come at you over the roof as well. In total there are 8 Sectoids (this second "wave" is the last).

Once they're all dead vault over the plane wing and head into the door just ahead (the one the agent slammed shut).

Head to the left and through the doorway at the end of the hall. There is nothing in the room on the right side.

You'll meet Agent Nils, who teams up with you, in here. When you're ready to continue just pick up the radio reciever on the desk next to Nils.

In true "Gears-esque" fashion when Carter uses the radio he will only walk at a slow pace. You are, however, free to move on still- it will just be slower until he's done talking on the radio.

There's nothing more in this room so go around the front desk and head through the door in the back.

Take a left at the door and go up the stairs.

Then head left into the next room.

Before you go through the door where Nils is standing there's a glowing picture on the desk that you can pick up on the right.

There's nothing else in here so head out the door where Nils is. Take a right to go outside and head left down the stairs.

Head across the lot towards that staircase and head up. This will trigger a short cutscene.

After the cutscene head to the left inside the building.

Right next to the entrance is an M14 you should pick up. If nothing else always pick up new weapons so they are added to your armory. This will be important later. Right now you only have a .45 so it is a good idea to use the M14.

Directly to the left of the dead soldier that had the M14 is a button on the windows. Push it to open the door so Nils can get inside from below. This will trigger a short cutscene.

The cutscene is basically telling you that you should know the battlefield and pick effective strategies. Flanking is mostly what they mention. My biggest tip is to always be moving around while in cover. You'll understand why later in the game. When you're ready to continue open the window.

You can pick out targets from here. They're just Sectoids so it doesn't require much strategy to take them out yet. You have high ground as well as having Nils below, anyway, so it shouldn't be difficult.

When all the Sectoids are taken care of head to the left and open the door.

Head down the cat walk towards Nils who is standing by the next door.

Open the door to move forward.

Then head right and jump down into the pit and head to the left from there.

Head outside and you will probably see a Sectoid dragging off a soldier. You can try to kill it but I don't know if you can or not- I wasn't able to.

Head around the crashed jet and towards the tank all the way on the other side.

From the tank head to the right into the pit ahead- be careful not to get involved with that gunship fighting the tank ahead. There is ammo by the dead body just before you drop down if you need it. Dropping into the pit triggers another cutscene.

Once the cutscene ends you are disorientingly moved a few feet ahead (where you dropped down is actually just behind you, but the game moves you into cover to avoid the turret).

You will now have access to your orders wheel. Depending on the difficulty you play it on this turret can be simple to take out. On squaddie you can kill it by just ordering Nils to use a critical strike shot. Also bare in mind that each order is queued- so they will execute the orders in the order that they received them.

Either way, though, more enemies will attack you here and it's best to do a flanking maneuver on the right (it's setup for you to do that) so after giving your orders to Nils (remember he also has a good air strike ability as well as a cloak if you need it) head to the right so Nils is in one location and you are on the other side closer to where the enemy is as well as getting around their barricades.

This will give you more options on taking out the enemy.

The combat is very much like Mass Effect, so one hit kills are mostly unlikely. It's best to just maintain cover, heal when you need to, and remember to give your squad orders. Your squad is less effective if you don't tell them what to do.

Once all the enemies are dead round up any ammo you need and then head into the building on the far side.

Head up the stairs on the left and go into the room on the right.

There's ammo here if you need it. Hop down towards the warehouse ahead when you're ready.

When you get near the crater there's a question mark sign on it. If you use these points Carter, as well as squad members, make comments on certain environmental things. In this case they talk a little more about the crater.

Anyway, when you're done with that, head around the crater and take cover on the left side of the warehouse building.

The reason for this is there are enemies inside. I prefer to have Nils cloak first, then have Nils head inside and take cover on the right.

I then have him critical strike one of the taller enemies called Outsider. The reason I have him take him out first is they can be trickier enemies than the Sectoids.

After he takes out the Outsider you can run in and take cover on the left behind the forklift.

There are some grenades here you can pick up in order to add them to your armory (as well as use some right now although this particular fight you don't need them quite yet- but there is more to pick up in here so don't be shy using them if you want to).

If you're lucky the Sectoids may have crowded around an exploding red barrel. Either way take out any remaining enemies.

When you're done head to the right into the side room.

There are more grenades on the panel on the left here if you need them.

There is also a gun rack in the back which has a shotgun you can pick up to add to your armory. There's a pack of ammo on the table if you choose to keep it (you can drop it and repick up whichever gun you dropped if you want, or you can keep it- up to you).

When you're done head out the door and go to the right towards the freight elevator.

Hit the button panel on the left side of the elevator to call for it.

This will trigger more enemies to come inside the warehouse. You have a lot of options in here so just remember to use Nils abilities when you need them. Remember also that you have red barrels that explode when you shoot them, and also to stay in cover and move around for better vantage points when needed.

During points in this fight (and most fights going forward) they will send in more enemies using drop pods. This is just something to keep in mind when taking out enemies. During this fight the drop pod may also drop in Drones for the first time. These drones mainly just heal so try to take them down quickly before they heal enemies making it harder to deal with them

Once the battle is over, remember to get ammo, and then head back to the rear of the warehouse and get on the elevator.

Use the button panel to go down.

Once at the bottom head out of the elevator, grab any ammo you need, and go through the doorway on the far side of the area.

From the doorway head to the right.

There is a letter to read on the desk on the right side of the room here you can read.

After you read letter head back out into the bloody hallway behind you and now go to the right.

Then head to the left.

From here go to the right and up the stairs.

There's a picture you can look at on the projector cart here. After you look at that head to the far side by the projection screen and into the small smoking room to the left.

There's another picture you can look at on the coffee table in here.

After you're done in there head through the door and to the right- the door in the back of the room directly left of the smoking/break room.

From in here head down the hallway and then to the left.

The next door is at the end of the hall next to a ladder. Going through will trigger another cutscene.

You will be introduced to Director Faulke here. This scene has your first dialogue tree- sometimes they have a choice of what to say.

I want to tell you, though, it really does not matter what choice you make in dialogue with other characters as this will only affect what you say and how they respond. So, pick what you want to say and go through all the dialogue you care to know (or don't- it's not mandatory). To end dialogue- if it has the option- is always the option on the left side of the dialogue wheel.

When you are done talking to Faulke you will have a new agent following you named Kinney. He is an engineer so he has access to mechanical things like mines and a mounted gun.

When you're ready to go head up the stairs and go through the door across the bridge that looks like a bank vault door.

Once inside what looks like a hospital hallway keep heading straight towards the red light.

When you get to the windows Carter and the team will notice some aliens in the room on the right and below. Don't worry, though, they don't seem to see you. Keep heading towards the red doorway.

If you happen to need ammo you can head up the stairs to get some M14 ammo off a dead body, but otherwise head down.

All the way down. You'll go through the high security door next to a vending machine at the bottom.

Be careful when you go through here. Remember, there are enemies in the room to the left so take cover behind the wall under the windows.

I really like using recon agents because they can cloak. I always send one of them cloaked into a room first. Since you have Kinney now you can also have him place a turret (since he is an engineer) which is super useful.

However you do it, take out all the enemies in this room and then head to the door they were messing with on the far right side of the room.

Before going through the door, so you know, there is another letter you can read on a strut right by the door. If you turn around from in front of the door you should see it.

Anyway, when you get through with that go through both doors at the end of the room.

When you get through the high security door take a left. Be careful, though, there are enemies on the other side of this blind corner.

After you take out the enemies here, and get any ammo you need, head through the door to the left of where the Outsiders were taking cover.

From here head up the stairs.

Then head through another high security door and go to the left.

On the far left side of the room go into the door.

There isn't much in here, although you can get some ammo, but when you're ready you are going through the door on the left side of the room.

When you get through the doors there's another examination point for the elerium reactor.

When you're done with that head around the reactor and through the open door on the other side.

Jump down and head through the sliding doors on the right.

At the end of the hallway here there's another room with a bunch of enemies fighting some soldiers. The Outsider enemies are on the far right side of the room.

Be careful as there is an enemy laser turret in here as well.

Once you've dispatched the enemy in here go up the stairs to where the enemy was taking cover. There is a missle fin of some kind up here you can examine.

There's nothing else in here so hit the button panel in the back to open the shutter door.

Get any ammo you need here and then head through the door with a red light on the right side of the room.

On the other side of the short hall head to the left.

Head down the walk way. Carter will notice how the Outsiders are terraforming the surrounding environment.

At the end of the walkway head to the left.

Head down the stairs. There are two flights, but you only need to go down one flight. The only thing all the way at the bottom is shotgun ammo.

Go through the door on the other side of the adjoining room (theres nothing in here).

While heading through the next room you should see another letter on a desk you can read.

When you're done head through the door behind you.

Careful, though, there might be a sectoid here.

Head to the right and go through the door on the left to trigger the next cut scene.

You will meet Angela Weaver here. Converse with her however you wish.

After your conversation with Ms. Weaver head to the door on the left.

Then head into the crack in the wall by the power source... thing.

Hop down into the room and keep heading forward.

Then head to the left and go down the stairway on the left (through the red doors).

You're heading to the right here but be careful when you get there as there are more enemies to fight around the bend.

When you're done taking out the enemies head to the train on the other side and hit the panels to open the train gate and then hit the button on the train to start it. This will trigger another cutscene.

The train will take you to a place that has a helipad up above. Head off the train and go up the stairs.

The radio you are looking for is at the front of the area up top here. Go ahead and use it, but be ready. Soon you will be attacked.

Remember to place mines by the closest starwells to where they are dropping enemies as well as using the engineers turret whenever its ready.

The enemy will eventually start dropping on the other side so just move over. Don't worry if your engineers turret isnt ready as it's likely the other one is still there (if you placed it well it can hit both sides) but don't forget to set another mine by the other stairwell.

After you take out the enemies Faulke will radio you. You need to head to the center of the area here and towards the back of the missile launch area where a panel will be. When Faulke is done talking hit the button where it says "Launch Release Locked"

More enemies will drop in now, but much closer so it's best to head up on top of the next set of steps for cover.

Remember to use your engineers turret as well as mines. Use critical strike as well whenever it's ready, and remember that you can also heal.

This is an endurance fight more than anything, so you just have to keep fighting them back until the chopper gets here.

Once the chopper gets there you just need to run up to it (all the way up top) and use it which will trigger a cut scene and end this mission.