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When you get back to the base Director Faulke has some new protocols setup to protect against infiltrators.

For some reason this messes with Carter's head even though it shouldn't.

When Carter wakes up the nurse tells Carter that Faulke wants to speak with him when he's feeling better.

Remember to check the status of your last Dispatch mission before moving on.

If you head a little forward in the medical bay there will be a file folder you can read on a desk on the right.

If you turn around from there you can see the room where sleepwalker DaSilva is being kept. There is a reel to reel on the right side of the window you can listen to about the doctors attempts to wake him up. I don't know if this is here if you do not convince him to come back.

When you're done with that turn around and head down the ramp.

Go back out of medical and head towards the elevator.

Before you get on the elevator there is a note on a box you can read just to the left of it.

After you read that, though, you can go back down on the elevator.

From the elevator head to the right towards the Armory.

You can talk to the acquisitions officer for some new conversation now.

Then turn around and go into the ready room.

You can talk to Percy (to the right of the door) for some new dialogue options with him.

Then head up the stairs in the back and into the crossway on the left.

Go towards the lounge from here (it's straight ahead).

You can talk to Dr. Heinrich here about how he believes you can spot people who are infected with the sleepwalker "virus" even if they are not yet feeling sick.

You can scan the agent right next to him. This is what you need to do for four more agents around XCOM.

Head up the stairs and to the right towards Operations.

Head down the stairs ahead and go left to the bottom.

Loop around to the other side and walk up. On the right side- on a panel- is a document you can read.

After you do that head up to your office.

There is a reel to reel you can listen to in here on a desk on the left.

On the other side of the room is a note on your desk.

If you want you can also take a swig of whiskey.

When you're done here head into the crossway and around into the decontamination room.

When it finishes head to the left and all the way into the lab to read another file on a desk on the other side of the room.

Then head down the hallway on the left and into the door on the right.

Head down the stairs on the left and read a new document on the counter on the right.

There is also a note to read on a counter to the left (or behind you depending on how you're facing).

From there head straight towards the back and there is another document you can read on a counter.

If you turn around to the right form there you'll see a doctor (not one you know from before- just a random doctor who looks different every time you load the game) you can talk to.

He has miscellaneous things to say and I didn't find any purpose to this guy who came out of nowhere, but you can talk to him if you want to hear more talk about theories about aliens, lore, and stuff.

To the right of that guy you can see some scientists experimenting with the force wave ability.

To the right of that window is another doctor you can talk to.

He also doesn't actually give you anything however you can help him experiment with a weapon they are working on.

You'll need to use the weapon to the right of the scientist to test the weapon. They'll make adjustments and tell you to try again. You'll do this three times.

Eventually it will blow up.

After that's done scan the room and you'll see that guy just oddly standing in the north eastern corner is highlighted. If you scan him it says he is infected.

Talk to him to send him to quarantine.

Then head up the stairs and to the left.

Up in the lab (on the top left side) you can read another note on the counter on the left side of the room.

There is also a room in the back where you can watch a soldier fight an alien that is trying to break out.

Anyway, turn around and head back towards where the Infiltrator is being held. You can first talk to the guard before heading inside for some new dialogue.

Then go into the cell.

Talk to the Infiltrator for some new information.

Then head back out of the lab and to the left.

Head all the way to the left and go through decontamination again.

In the ready room scan the soldier in the back right.

Then go and talk to him to get him into quarantine.

From Operations (in the cross way) head towards engineering (if you just came out of Operations it's to the left).

You can talk to Barnes in here.

He tells you about another Infiltrator but this time it wasn't aliens. It was a Russian spy.

You can convince Barnes to let you talk to him.

Head into the room that is currently guarded (the guard will move when you approach).

Inside head to the left to talk to the Russian spy.

The Russian spy doesn't believe there is an alien invasion for some reason so you have to convince him to go out on a dispatch mission to see for himself.

When you're done talking to him go back to Barnes to turn in the investigation mission.

You get a new dispatch mission which is basically just so you can prove to the Russian spy there is an alien invasion and then he will join you as another agent when you complete it.

Head back to Operations now.

Go to the right side of Operations to talk to Analyst Krul for some new info. You could not do this until now.

Then go back to the left and upstairs.

If you go into Angela's office there is a picture you can look at on her desk.

When you go into Faulke's office you'll see Angela is angry and arguing with Faulke.

When they are done you can read the note in the back of the office.

From here you can head back out of the Director's office and go over to Angela's office again to talk to her.

Talk to Angela and you can find out why she was arguing with Faulke (only briefly as she isn't forward about a lot of her intentions).

After you are done talking to Angela head back down the stairs.

Head over to Chulski (the office opposite of your office)

Talk to her about the signal Angela found. She will able to decode it so the team can find the facility in Oregon.

In order to wrap up our other investigation with Dr. Heinrich head out of there and to the right.

Head to the lab area through decontamination.

Then head to the right around the corner into the main lab area.

Dr. Heinrich is standing at the observation window towards the back.

Before you can talk to him you have to wait for the scene below to finish.

When that is done you can turn in your investigation findings.

You will be rewarded with another Dispatch mission.

Head back out of the lab.

Talk to Dr. Weir who is directly to the left by the chalkboard. This is also to discuss what Angela found.

When that is done head back out of the lab area through decontamination.

Go back to Operations.

Head up to Director Faulke's office.

You can talk to Faulke now. Discuss his problems with Weaver and he will be frank about why he doesn't want Angela on this mission. During this conversation you will also find out that Angela stole a Skyranger and went to Oregon against Faulke's orders.

Anyway, when you're done talking to him head to the main Operations area. Before selecting a mission remember to send agents out on a Dispatch mission. Send a team on the Nanotechnology mission first.

I recommend sending out the lowest level agents. This will make it more likely you level out all of your agents (it's surprisingly easy to do, actually).

Before we do any major operations, though, we'll finish up our minor missions so select Operation: Longsword.