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Angela is pretty important so her insubordination goes unpunished. Mainly because she helped do something more important: stopping the spread of the sleepwalker virus and collect various useful data about the alien Outsiders.

When the cutscene is over you can check on your Dispatch mission results.

I also recommend checking your equipment as you will now have an alien tech sniper rifle to give to your Recon agents.

Since you're here you can also send more agents off on dispatches.

You can probably do two dispatches at this point if you were not able to already.

After that head over to the right of the mission terminal (left if the terminal is to your back) to speak with Analyst Krul.

After speaking to him head towards the crossway.

Then head to Engineering.

Talk to Barnes to get a new investigation mission.

Then head left of Barnes to head down the stairs towards the Avenger.

At the bottom of the stairs use your "Battle Focus" to see the problems on the Avenger.

Target each of them and scan them. There are three.

Then head up into the Avenger.

On the left side is three valves. You only need to turn the valve all the way to the left so that it is red. The other two should be green in here.

Head back out and down the stairs and go to the left where that other stair case is just below.

There are three more valves on the wall here.

You want to turn the one on the left and the one on the right so they are red. The middle one should remain green. Barnes will tell you when it's correct.

Before leaving, though, go to the right and you can read a note that is laying on a box there.

Then turn around and head back.

Go up the stairs to get back to engineering.

Talk to Barnes to turn in the Investigation mission.

Then head out of Engineering and back to the crossway.

Head through decontamination.

Inside the lab you can talk to Dr. Heinrich for another Investigation mission involving a cure for the sleepwalker "virus."

After you talk to him turn right and head to the main lab in the back where the infiltrator is being held. You can talk to the guard for some new dialogue.

You can speak with the infiltrator as well.

Then head back out of there and to the right.

Head down the lab to the other side.

Talk to the doctor here to discuss how you can help cure DaSilva.

Then go into the door on the left side of where the doctor is standing.

Once inside talk to DaSilva.

To wake him up first choose "Time to wake up, DaSilva."

Then select "We're about to win the war."

Lastly choose "Come on, DaSilva. It's me, Carter."

This will successfully snap DaSilva out of the sleepwalker trance and never to be seen in this game again.

When that's done talk to the doctor just outside.

Then head back to Dr. Heinrich to turn in the investigation mission.

You will be rewarded with another dispatch mission.

Head back out of the lab area through the decontamination (there's nothing else new to see).

Go to the ready room (its on the left I believe).

On the right of the staircase (on the mission table) is a picture you can look at.

You can also talk to Percy about his feelings of inadequacy around you.

Head out towards the armory now.

There is a new reel to reel you can listen to on the from desk of the armory. For some reason the acquisitions officer is gone from the game now as well.

Then head back to Operations.

Go upstairs towards Faulkes office.

On Faulke's secretaries desk is another reel to reel you can listen to.

Further inside and on the right is another note you can read.

When you have finished that head back across over to Angela's office.

You can talk to Angela about her closure as well as what needs to be done next. The data you recovered indicates this is a forward attack and a larger one is still coming so they need to stop Origin before that happens.

Head back out of Angela's office and downstairs.

Go through decontamination again (I would hate working here if I had to go back and forth through an area like this all day).

Head to the right of the opening lab area and you will see Dr. Weir talking to someone.

Go ahead and talk to Dr. Weir. He thinks he has the "Venn gates" down. He also has the coordinates for where you need to go with the Avenger.

After talking to Dr. Weir head back out through decontamination.

Go back into the Operations center.

When you hit the main floor Chulski and Faulke will be briefing on the upcoming major operation (as he will be going along on the Avenger).

When they are done talking you can talk to Faulke a little about the upcoming Major operation- which could be a suicide mission as far as Faulke is concerned. As long as it works he'll do whatever it takes.

After you are done talking to Faulke use the mission terminal to select Operation Hawkeye- we'll wrap up these minor operations before moving forward.