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The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Walkthrough Operation: Hawkeye

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You'll be dropped in hot. Enemies will already be attacking you from ahead.

Move forward through the lane of cars and take cover behind the jeep.

There is an examination point on the jeep you can use (unless you want to come back for it later but this fight lasts a far ways ahead so it's up to you).

After that head forward. You can take cover behind the yellow car.

You can hike up onto the next ledge when it's clear and take cover behind some boxes.

As you round the corner in front of the bus there will be more enemies attacking from an alien encampment ahead.

As you get openings you can move forward maintaining cover behind crates and boxes.

Watch out, though, at some point an Elite Muton drops in. I recommend hitting it with every ability you can to take it down quickly. Disruption with the armor break upgrade (from the Suppot class agent) and the aerial bombardment (the Recon ultimate ability) are useful for taking these out quickly as they both are able to break off the Muton's armor quicker.

When the enemies are taken care of head up the cliff ahead.

Head slightly to the left and head inside the building there.

You can use the examination point on the alien hologram inside.

After that use the switch on the door in front of the hologram terminal to open the door.

Before going through the door head to the right and around the other side. There is another backpack schematic you can pick up in a closet here that is blocked until you open the door on the other side.

This will gain you a Kinetic Acceleration Pack.

After you pick that up you can go through the door you opened. Hop down the ledge ahead.

Then head to the left, and up some stairs. Get into cover, though, as there are more enemies ahead.

During this fight you will be attacked by two Sectopods. It can be kind of a pain, but keep pumping bullets into ones glass enclosure at a time and they should go down soon enough.

When you've finished with that head to the far back side of the valley where a container has fallen and is hanging over the platform.

Head in front of the container and open it.

You will be attacked by Mu'ut Jeen- an alien you were sent here to capture. This alien has the unique ability to mind control your agents so you should shoot him a lot and the mind control will eventually break.

Shortly after Mu'ut Jeen will run to the left where the train is blocking a upward slope. He moves the train out of the way to run ahead.

Follow Mu'ut Jeen ahead into a pumpkin field.

At the end of the field take a left towards a shack.

By the wall, on the right of the shack (in front of it) is a cellar door that is open. Head on through it.

In the cellar you can restock ammo if you need. There is also another examination point you can use on the right side of the room.

After using that you can head up the hill on the right side of the cellar.

Keep moving forward but get behind cover ahead.

Mu'ut Jeen will attack you from the northern wall here. To do so he splits off a clone of himself to keep you busy while he runs off to the left.

After killing his clone head into the barn on the left.

Head to the right up the ramp leading up into the loft.

Go through the door on the far right side.

On the other side keep progressing forward.

Inside the first room you get to is another hologram display you can examine.

After using it head into cover as there are several enemies to take out ahead.

Be careful as Mu'ut Jeen is amongst these aliens and can still mind control your agents.

When it's clear head down the stairs on the right.

Go into the next building ahead and continue into the next room.

There is another console here you can examine.

Get into cover ahead, when you're done, as more Outsider aliens will drop in ahead of you.

You will also be attacked by a gunship so take that out as quickly as you can.

Once the coast is clear head around where the aliens were attacking from and down the back side staircase.

Head forward a little bit and on the second pillar/wall is a new weapon you can pick up which is basically an alien chaingun.

Head back up the stairs behind you and up the stairs at the top to the left and board the helicopter to end the mission.

When you get back you can check up on your last Dispatch missions.

Then go into the central operations room and use the mission terminal.

You can send more agents out on missions (so you don't forget) as well as do any equipment changes, agent swaps, or perk upgrades.

Then select the next minor operation- Operation: Firestorm.