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The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Walkthrough Operation: Firestorm

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You will be dropped in outside what looks like a wildlife park in California.

Head to the right and go inside the building.

Head through the building, noting any ammo or grenades you find- as you might need them later.

On the left side of the building, on a desk in the front, is another reel to reel you can listen to.

After listening to that head around the corner into the kitchen area where you will see a sleepwalker standing over a stove. You can use an examination point in here.

Then head back outside and to the right up into the park/camp ground proper.

Head up the hill past the red truck and you come onto a crashed truck that was carrying logs of wood. There is an examination point on the body of a dead alien here.

To the right head into the path that cuts through the trees to get around the crash.

Keep going forward and take cover behind some boxes ahead.

Enemies will attack you from ahead.

Also be aware that a Muton will come through a door in the back to fight as well.

After taking care of those aliens head through the door on the platform the aliens were coming at you from.

Inside head around the core to the right side of the squared area in the center.

On the right side is a switch you hold down to shut it off.

Then quickly head to the far side of the room (to the right of the switch) and get into cover.

More outsider enemies attack you from the other side of a force field which opens once they land.

The biggest problem, though, is the elite muton that attacks you here. So, you need to take him out quickly.

After you do you get a call from Barnes. Head down the right side staircase.

Then round the corner at the bottom of the stairs and push the button on the door to get through it.

Head forward and into the forest area ahead.

Keep going forward. You will soon come onto a dock area.

You can use a resupply station ahead if you want to change out agents or need to resupply your ammo.

After you're done resupplying head further down the path on the right.

You'll come up on another alien encampment so take cover ahead.

Several enemies attack from ahead as well as multiple gun emplacements.

When it's clear keep moving forward but slightly to the left.

Watch out as there is another gun emplacement ahead. After you take out the enemies here, though, you can head up the stairs.

Then head through the door at the top.

Once inside head to the left.

You will come to a stack of alien boxes with another backpack schematic lying on it.

When you pick it up you get an "Anti-Personnel Pack"

Then head around the corner on the right and down the stairs.

On the outside head further into the forest.

Jump down the ledge ahead and continue onward.

You'll find yourself back at the beginning where you were dropped off. Head up to the top of the main building this time.

Use the radio at the top to speak with Barnes.

After you do quickly get into cover and get ready. Several Outsider aliens attack you.

Make sure you also keep an eye out directly below the roof.

After taking out enemies ahead of the building more will drop in on the left of it.

Then they drop in front of the building. I found the turret very useful here as even though they throw grenades at it a lot it can cover all sides they seem to drop in on.

About the middle of the fight a gunship joins the fray so take it out as fast as possible as you are very vulnerable to it, but you should have enough drones and other things to sufficiently handle it.

This fight drags on a bit long so you end up low on ammo, and may even end up having the aliens get all the way up on the roof to you. Keep in cover and move around to take them out effectively.

If all goes well you should complete the mission a little bruised but alive.

When you get back to base you can check on your last Dispatch missions.

Then head out of Operations into the crossway and go to the left towards Engineering.

If you haven't already done so you can talk to Barnes, but mainly we're heading to the next Major Operation which requires you board the Avenger now so head down the stairs out the door on the left side of the room.

At the bottom of the stairs head up the ramp into the Avenger.

Use the door inside at the back to trigger a cutscene.

Once it finishes you'll be inside the Avenger as they make way to their mission destination. You can talk to Angela and Dr. Weir here, but if you did already at the base they have nothing new to say.

Use the mission terminal ahead (it looks basically the same).

Then select Crack in the world to move on to the next Major Operation.