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The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Walkthrough Operation: Angel

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You will dropped down into another campsite area, this time in North Dakota.

Head to the right of where you started (there is nothing to the left) and you can read a note left on the police car.

Then head to the left inside the Linda View Trail.

Keep going down the path and you will see some contraption that the aliens use to transport sleepwalkers. Be careful as you move forward from here as there are enemies ahead.

Get into cover and take out any enemies in your way. There isn't to much resistance here, though, as most of these are just regular Outsiders.

I found using an engineer and the upgraded turret (with the shield) was fairly useful in taking them out quickly.

Head to the left side and up the stairs into a cabin.

Inside you'll find another note you can read.

Then head back out and over to the stairs going up on the right of the tree to the left of the cabin stairway.

If you head around to the left side there will be four or so more Outsider enemies to kill.

Then head to the left side and you can open a cage where some sleepwalkers are being held captive.

After freeing them head to the right and continue down the next path.

Continue ahead, round left when necessary and move forward down the path.

You will come to a cliff. Jump down into the enemy fortress ahead.

Alittle ahead and to the left side you will come to another backpack schematic you can pick up.

You got the Health Converter Pack.

Then head to the right from there and go through the door ahead.

On the other side you will see more aliens through a window.

Before going out there, though, if you head to the right there are several alien weapons you can use for ammo or if you missed any pick ups earlier.

Then turn around from there and go straight ahead.

Go down the stairs on the far side and take cover at the bottom.

There are several outsider enemies out here as well as a Elite Muton which will drop in during the fight. I found this Muton easier to take out because of how open the area is so if you pound at him with bullets he should go down quickly.

When all the enemies here are dead you want to head to the right side and up the stairs.

Around the left corner continue ahead up more stairs.

At the top of the stairs you can hit the next button to free more sleepwalkers.

Then head to the left and take cover. If you had a drone out it is probably already in battle with the enemies just ahead.

When it's clear continue to the left down the bridge.

Then to the right down some stairs.

Take cover here as more enemies will come out to attack you.

There is also going to be an attacking gunship so get that out of the air first.

When it's clear head to the right.

Continue ahead through the hallway area.

Then take a left up the stairs and then veer right towards that enclosure up there.

The last thing you need to do on this mission is hit the button on the panel to shut this place down for good.

You should then be greeted with your mission results.

When you return to base you can check up on your last Dispatch mission.

There is nothing else to do at XCom, though, so go to the mission panel and select "The Last War."