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The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Walkthrough The Last War

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After selecting your next mission something goes wrong and the base power will go out.

Faulke will be contacted by Dr. Weir informing him he needs to come to the lab right away.

Faulke will tell Carter to meet him there so head forward from central Operations.

Head into the crossway and go around the front elevator area to the decontamination area behind it (there is nowhere else to go).

Head through decontamination and you will see that the power outage has caused malfunctions throughout the base.

Head left from the decon room and go through the door on the far end as usual.

Head down the stairs to the bottom into the open lab area and go towards the elerium tank with the Ethereal.

While heading towards it a cutscene will play out.

You will begin to communicate with the orange ethereal who seems to be dismissive of humans.

I say you because (even though it was talked about with Origin it's made more clear now) you are actually playing an Ethereal alien that has attached itself to Carter. What a twist?

The Ethereals speak with one another and you can choose how you want to deal with it. For this walkthrough I was on the side of the human race- as flawed as it may be, but the other Ethereal thinks you should kill the humans off so really it is up to you if you want to agree with that. I don't know that it matters either way.

There will be a moment where you can either agree or disagree and the other Ethereal doesnt seem to care which you choose to go with.

When you are done talking to the Orange Ethereal Carter will end up wrestling control of himself. He grabs a gun and immediately shoots the Orange Ethereal through the tank. He isn't to thrilled about not being in control of himself.

After the cutscene has ended you should wake up in the medical area.

Immediately head forward and to the left ramp as you will hear Faulke and Dr. Weir doing something in the room below.

Go through the red door on the left side at the bottom of the ramp.

This will trigger another cutscene. It really doesn't matter if you get here quickly or dawdle and listen to what Faulke and Dr. Weir are saying as this plays out the same either way.

The Infiltrator is reconnected to Origin so you need to catch him.

Head forward of the room he was in and go into the red door on the left.

You can use a resupply crate inside if you need to save, restock ammo or change out agents.

Then head down the stairs through the door on the left. Be careful, though, as the Infilitrator will take pot shots at you from below.

Head to the left on the walkway and towards the door the infiltrator is shooting at you from below.

Continue forward going down more stairs to the left.

At the red intersection go to the right. There is nothing to the left.

Continue forward towards the elevator room ahead (you'll see the Infiltrator running past when you come up on it).

Carter is angry he is not in control of himself and attempts to seize control but fails.

When Carter is done having a hissy fit run up the stairs on the right.

Upstairs you will see a note on a bench ahead that you can read. There are also four rooms around here but none actually have anything but human ammo so you don't need to.

Head through the decontamination path in the middle. A scientist ahead will be shot and killed on the glass as you wait for the doors to open.

Once you're through the door take cover ahead as several Outsiders have been released and will attack you.

Once they are all dead you can head downstairs and to the back of the room.

In the back of the room, on the left side, is a red doorway you can go through.

Head through there and then up the stairs to the left.

Continue left going up more stairs.

At the top head through the next set of double doors.

Go all the way through that room and into the next decontamination area. The Infilitrator will taunt you from the other side of the door.

When he's gone, and the door opens, head further down the hall through the next set of doors.

In the next room head to the right and then left down the stairs.

When you get to the bottom turn directly to your right where a round electrical device is.

Next to it, on a counter, is another letter you can read.

From there head to the glassed area with a broken door. Either through the broken window or the door- doesn't matter.

Faulke will be communicating with Carter sometime around here and when they are done talking Carter again attempts to wrestle control of himself back from the Ethereal (you, technically).

When that's done continue forward and head into the room, but stay to the left (dont go in the door on the left, it's an empty room).

On the counter on the left sdie of the room is another note you can read.

From there head to the right and go through the door at the other side.

Continue forward and go down the staircase.

Through the door at the bottom is another resupply chest you can use to auto save and restock ammo if needed.

Then head through the door to the right of the resupply and continue through the middle doorway (there is nothing else in any of the rooms around here).

Continue forward through the decontamination room but be aware ahead. More Outsider aliens have escaped and will attack.

Take cover ahead and kill any escaped Outsiders.

Remember to use your abilities, but so you know don't overdo it as there is one more wave after this one at the far side. Recharge rates on your abilities aren't too bad at this point but it is just something to consider.

Continue forward when it is clear and continue taking out any enemies that get in your path.

More will have already teleported in through the back door by now, if you took out the first wave of enemies, but after killing any Outsiders guarding it kill the Sectopod. With this one in particular it's fairly easy as the Sectopod can't seem to get through the doorway.

After you kill it, quickly turn around as the Infiltrator will teleport in and begin atrtacking your agents.

He is pretty easy to take down and everytime I have done this I have defeated him before he even finishes talking.

This will trigger a cutscene where Carter pulls the device back out of his head to remove his connection to Mosaic.

After this you can head forward and Carter will throw another fit about the Ethereal being in control of him.

Continue forward and to the right (up the small staircase) and go through the door.

Hit the button to send the elevator up.

Once you get there go through into Observation ahead.

Continue forward and you will see a table with a note on it that you can read.

From there head up the stairs on the left but turn towards the first doorway on the left side.

Inside is another note you can read on a desk.

Head back out when you're done and continue on to the left.

As you go through the door here your agents will make comments about Carter not killing any sleepwalkers. I think you can slaughter them all if you want so what they say will be different depending on how you handle that.

Anyway, continue left and Carter will throw another fit.

Continue down the corridor and to the right.

You'll come to a long hallway and you can hear fighting through the window. Head to the left and another cutscene will trigger.

Carter heads off into the room ahead locking out his two agents.

Carter wrestles to break free from your control.

I felt kind of bad for him, but the game does not give you any other options here.

You have to move forward to regain control of Carter.

When you have Carter again head back through the door ahead for another cutscene.

Carter will give you two options here.

If you do not leave his body he is going to blow up the base with you and him along side it.

Choosing to wait, and letting the bomb tick down, gives you a bad ending where the bomb just explodes and credits roll. Just hit your button to eject from Carter's body.

This will give you the choice between going into Angela, Faulke, or Dr. Weir.

For the purpose of this walkthrough I went with Dr. Weir. It honestly does not matter who you choose. This only changes who is talking for you, who you control until the end of the game, and who gives the monologue at the end. I have to tell you this now so you know you do not have to pick Dr. Weir to continue following this guide- it does not matter who you pick.

Whoever you pick will come up behind Carter and knock him out. Then they will couple with the blue Ethereal (you) willingly.

After the mission results and the cutscenes you will be aboard the Avenger in control of the prson you chose. The dialogue, no matter who it is, is mostly the same.

When the briefing is done you can move around the ship.

You can now talk to Barnes- who is unsure of all this as he was a good friend of Carter's and doesn't like that Carter is now tied down like a criminal.

You can also talk to Angela.

As well as Director Faulke.

Neither of them are all that bothered that Dr. Weir is being controlled by the Ethereal. Faulke believes the Ethereal is an asset. Angela just doesn't really seem to care as long as it gets the job done.

After talking to Faulke head to the east side of the ship (east using the mission terminal as north) and you can read a file folder lying on the ground.

If you head out the door behind you and look to the left. There is a note on the wall you can read there.

Head back inside and there is a picture on the wall, to the left of Director Faulke, you can look at.

Carter is the one tied to the pole to the right of Faulke.

After you are done you should use the mission terminal as there is nothing else you can do here.

Make sure to do any agent management you need to from here.

Then select your next (the last) mission: The Day the Sky Fell.