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The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Walkthrough The Day the Sky Fell

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You will be set down inside the alien Mothership.

Head a little to the right towards the doorway that Faulke and Angela are taking cover by and head inside to the left.

When you get through the doorway head straight until you get on the platform. Push the button on the left side to get the platforming moving.

While heading to the other side Barnes radios you to inform you of his concerns with Carter being tied up. Whoever you picked will inform Barnes to not worry about it.

When you get to the other side continue through the corridor and outside.

Head to the right down the stairs. You can see a fleet of alien ships attacking Earth from here.

Head to the left and continue down the path.

At the end go left inside the next causeway.

Go right through here and around the wall partition.

On the other side head through the door. It will trigger another cutscene.

The person you picked will advise the other two where they need to go to shut down certain systems in order to get the force field down. They will head off to their respective duties here.

When the cutscene is over your two agents you assigned (thatyou usually have with you on missions) will now be with you and taking cover by the next door ahead.

Head towards the door and wait for it to open (it will take a second but then open on it's own).

Once inside head to the path on the right (there is a box blocking the path on the left).

Head through the path in here- it is basically straight through even when it turns.

At some point you'll get to a fork in the path (it goes forward and to the left). Head to the left first.

All the way the end of this pathway is a lightning cannon that you can pick up

I didn't find it super useful, as it only has a couple of shots and misses easily, but if it hits it is a very powerful weapon that can hit multiple enemies at once. It's up to you if you want to get used to using it.

Turn around and head back to where the opening was.

Make a left into the opening and continue onward inside and to the left.

At the end of the path is a cliff so jump down to get inside.

Keep left (as boxes block the right) and head around to the other side.

Go around and to the left.

Be careful, though, as there are Silacoids waiting to ambush you ahead.

After taking care of them head through the doorway ahead.

Then head to the right and down the room to the other side.

Take a left and continue forward.

Take another right and head towards the other side.

There will three or so Sectoids up ahead so take them out. It shouldn't be too difficult.

I want to take a second to mention it will probably be about this time that you use your Battle Focus for the first time with this new character you control. They comment on it implying that this is somehow them giving orders with their mind.

Anyway, head into the room where the Sectoids were and go through the door in the back.

Head all the way across the bridge onto the platform and use the button to go up.

You will recieve a transmission from Barnes letting you know that Carter is free and Barnes is injured, but he'll live.

After you get to the top head through the door ahead.

On the other side is another "seed." Head to the right.

Continue down the path past the locked door ahead.

To the left of the door is a little path between some low walls that are spaced out. Head towards the back.

There's a small wall in the back you need to go around and head inside the door behind it.

There is small path leading through here that heads towards where we need to go.

Continue forward picking up any ammo that you need.

Take a right on the other side and go up the stairs towards a platform with a terminal on it.

Use the terminal and it will trigger another cutscene.

Carter doesn't like the Ethereal and is trying to sabotage the operation due to his misgivings with it. If I understood the story right it seems like Carter is in agreement with Origin on the Ethereal's purpose.

When the scene is over the Mother ship is on high alert now and several enemies will attack you from the other side.

Take cover quickly and use all of your deployables to help end this.

A Heavy Sectopod will attack you around the end of this fight here. So hit it with all you got.

When it's over get all the ammo you can. I found it difficult to get anything but plasma assault ammo and some other high caliber weapon ammo here so you may need to switch your weapon out.

When you head forward after that battle is done you will recieve transmissions from both of the other two main characters (that you didn't pick to control). Carter will bait you on choosing which to save. For the purpose of this walkthrough I will be going to the right first. I will discuss consequences for this choice a little bit later.

So, head to the right if you want to follow my guide. Otherwise you have to seek ahead and flip the order around. Also the enemies you face will be different as the one you go to last will be more difficult than the first.

Head through the door on the right to continue onward.

On the otherside go up the stairs.

Get behind cover ahead as more enemies will attack you from across the bridge.

After you take them out cross the bridge and go through the doorway.

Head to the right and press forward.

There is another platform just ahead.

Use the button on the platform to move the platform to the other side.

While it's moving you will be contacted by the person you didn't choose and the character you control will have to inform them they will have to hold out a bit longer and that Carter is coming to assist them.

Once you get to the other side go through the door.

Go around the corner on the left and head up the stairs.

Be careful for any enemies in the hallway above.

Then head off to the left.

Go through the door at the end of the hallway.

At around this time (possibly even before this) you will reach level 10.

I wanted to briefly touch on this as you have two useful abilities at level 10. For me, I found the Squad Morale ability was helpful in a bind as you lose health slower, however Squad inspiration lowers the cool down on all abilities. My problem with this as so many of them have such a long cooldown as it is it doesn't help all that much. It's up to you which you use, though. They both have merits.

Head into cover ahead when you are ready. There are several enemies in the room ahead.

Most of the fights on this ship can be diffilut and take a while. Just keep an eye out on where enemies are and don't forget to use your abilities and give your agents orders.

When you are done killing the aliens head forwards and then to the left towards the staircase.

Head down the staircase and to the right.

Continue down and keep going to the right.

You will meet up with whoever is on this side based on what character you picked to play as. On mine it was Angela.

Head to the left.

Continue forward and get behind cover ahead as there will be a Sectopod gaurding the entrance here. It is contained within some kind of pool so it doesn't move around the field but is still dangerous. Just shoot out the glass to get it down quickly.

When it's dead go forward and take cover behind the wall up ahead.

There is a Heavy Sectopod in the black pool below as well as several more enemies. I found it easiest to mind control the Sectopod and take out the other enemies first.

When you're done taking out the enemies head to the left and down the stairs.

Go through the alien pillars ahead and to the left.

Head through the doorway at the top of the stairs.

On the other side head across another force bridge.

Go left or right and head up to the top.

When up there head to the left around the console.

On the other side of the console is a resupply you can use to get ammo and auto save.

When you're done resupplying go back around the console and use it.

Then head around the console again to get to a teleporter on the other side of the room.

Use the teleporter ahead.

Once you land on the other side head to the right and through the door.

Head all the way down the staircase to the door on the opposite side.

Be careful in here, though, as a couple of Outsiders will attack.

After you kill them go through the door.

Take cover ahead. There a ton of enemies in this next room.

The first most important target will be an Elite Muton that attacks you from below.

For better vantage you can take cover on the stairs case.

When that area is taken care of you can head forward and take cover on the next bridge ahead.

There are more enemies here and more also enter after you finish taking these ones out.

Two Elite Mutons will attack you now- coming from each door ahead.

I found it easiest to mind control one and take out the other first as the mind controlled Muton will take aggro when you do this making it easier.

After killing all the enemies head down the stairs on the right.

Then head up the stairs on the other side (right or left, both go to the same place).

Head forward and to the left or right (depending on where you walked up) and you will see the body of the other central character on the ground.

No matter who you choose to control whoever you choose to save first will live and the other will die.

When the cutscene is over head through the door ahead of their body.

Head across the force bridge on the other side and up the stairs on the other side.

There is a console, just like the other side, but before you use it head around it.

There is a resupply chest over here you can use. I'm sure you need it at this point.

Then head back around and use the console to bring down the barrier to the Mosaic Core.

Carter will inform you now that he is still not ok with the Ethereal and he will only help you until we have this place under control.

Head around the console, to the other side, and use the telporter there.

This will bring you back in front of the area where the console is you need to use to continue forward towards the Mosaic core.

Head forward and up the stairs to use the console. This will trigger another cutscene.

This is as far as Carter goes in the game. He will no longer work with you (the Ethereal) and considers you his sworn enemy.

You can choose how you want to handle this. What you say doesn't matter as you still have a choice when the conversation is done.

After speaking with Carter you can either decide to shoot him or just leave through the doorway and ignore his childishness. I did not kill Carter. It is up to you what you want to do with that.

There will be another cutscene as you head through into the area where the Mosaic core is kept.

There is a long hallway first. Just run all the way to the end.

On the other side is another platform you can ride up.

At the top go through the door.

There is another resupply here which I do highly suggest you use. The final battle is ahead.

When you are ready head forward into the room.

At the end of the path, where the console you can't do anything with is, head to the right and around to the left.

Head through the door on the other side.

Once inside get to cover and get ready. This battle is long and very difficult.

Enemies will come at you from everywhere and it hits you with a lot of the hardest enemies in the game all together. I used a turret here as I found a lot of use with those but handle it how you will.

I recommend setting priority targets for yourself and taking out anything more dangerous first.

Keep on the move as well and stay behind cover. Do not stray to far from your agents or you will lose them. It's ok if they die now, as this is the last battle, but mainly you need them to stay alive as long as possible. There is an achievement, though, if none of your agents die in the game (other than Nils who doesn't count). That's just something to consider- if you care about that.

As you take out the enemy aliens you can move further forward into the room.

I recommend, though, not going to close to the stairs as this is a difficult spot to maintain cover.

I did this part a few times and I found staying in cover on the right side of the room has decent vision of over here and helps you to not get killed.

When you've cleared out the two areas up top here there will be another wave of enemies that jump you on the top left (of where the Mosaic Core is).

If you do end up losing your agents, and have not been reloading when they die like I usually did until here, you will get a message after the main, large scale, battle about how you need reinforcements. The game will allow you to get two more agents.

This is good because when you are done there is another cutscene.

Head towards the Mosaic Core at the back.

You will probably need to use your agents behind you to divert attention as several Elite Mutons will attack you from behind.

You don't have to fight anymore, though, so run ahead and use the console by the Mosaic Core.

Then run up the stairs to the now open Core and use it.

The character you chose will merge with the core and a lot of stuff happens. Watch the cutscene.

Then you'll be greeted with an ending which is basically the same no matter who you finish with.

That's all for The Bureau: XCOM Declassified walkthrough. If you have any questions I'm on twitter (guess), but so you know I don't read twitter often so my response may be very slow. Anyway, thanks for reading!