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The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Walkthrough Back at XCOM

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There will be several cutscenes after that and basically Origin will be crippled by the attack. Carter will be quickly rushed to the lab where he can insert the Ethereal trapped in his bracelet into the Elerium tank at the back of the lab.

When you're ready, though, talk to Dr. Weir for some new conversation options.

Then turn around and head up the stairs and go to the left into the upper left side lab area.

Head towards the back of the lab.

There is a captured Muton inside a room in the back. This is optional (but kind of fun to run into) but you can hit the button by the window to put the Muton to sleep.

Anyway, turn back around and go into the room where the Infiltrator is being kept. There will be some new dialogue to talk to him about; mainly pertaining to the future and alien Outsider integration with Earth if they will cooperate (which the Infiltrator does not believe that they will).

When you're done talking to him head back out of the room.

Head all the way back through Decontamination.

Go through into Operations and head up the stairs on the left side.

Go to the left, into Angela's Office, to speak with Angela about what the plans are going forward. Similar conversation as to what you spek with the Infiltrator about but from a human perspective.

After you are done talking to Angela head back down into Operations.

Then go around the corner to the right and head into the communications office.

On the right side is a new picture you can look at.

You can speak with Officer Chulski as well for some new conversation options.

From there head left out of the office.

Turn to the right down the first set of stairs into the central Operations area and you can listen to another reel to reel about Chulski and a conversation she had with someone while you were on the last Major operation.

From there you turn around and talk to Faulke near the mission terminal.

After you are done talking to him go to the mission terminal to use it.

There is one more minor operation before the next major one.

I recommend sending out agents on any Dispatch missions left (I believe there will only be one left by this point).

Then select the minor operation Operation: Angel.