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The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Walkthrough Not of this earth

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You'll be set down in an abandoned campsite.

There is a note you can read on a sleeping bag ahead of you.

If you want you can also turn off the radio.

Then head to the path ahead that goes off to the left.

You'll end up contacting Angela. Of course you won't be able to convince her she's being foolish. Anyway head towards the shack ahead.

When you get there head to the left towards the dead deer.

Keep heading left and you'll come to a path that leads down and around some rocks into a hidden cave.

Inside the cave you can look at a strange photo.

You can acquire another backpack schematic here also.

The to the left of the schematic is a letter you can read.

When you're done turn around and head back out.

Be careful, though, as you will be ambushed by an Outsider.

You'll also have to take out a few drones.

When they're dead head back towards the front of the shack.

On the bench in the front is another letter you can read.

Head back around the back of the shack and up the hill.

At the next shack head to the left and hop down into the foliage below.

Head around the back side of the shack.

Make sure to run into cover as you will come up on more enemies.

When you're done killing the aliens- If you want to trigger a strange conversation move to the left side where there was a deer butchered and an axe embedded into a door.

Anyway, when you're ready to move forward go towards the big pooling of water.

Move around the edge of the water. Shoot any mines in the way and continue heading forward into a broken bridge.

Jump down into another pooling of water (or whatever this stuff is).

According to Angela this is where the aliens dump bodies of people they don't need.

Keep heading forward and to the right.

On the bridge there is another note on the left side.

After you read that head further down the bridge.

Jump down into the cove.

Run ahead and take cover behind a barrier.

There are a few enemies here. Make sure to take out the Muton as quick as you can.

When that's done you can take out any mines that are in your way and head forward.

Watch the steps as there are mines covering there as well.

Up the steps and on the left side of the platform is a weapons cabinet where you can pick up sticky grenades- which get added added to your armory now.

Then head to the right where the door is.

This is another locked barrier.

You'll need to pick one of your men to occupy themselves with opening the door.

You'll, of course, be attacked by more enemies.

This will be accompanied by a Sectopod.

Once you've taken care of all the enemies head back to the door.

Head through the cave to another door ahead.

This door leads into a hallway. Keep going.

Head through the door.

Run down the steps in here, to the right.

Keep heading to the right and up the stairs on the right side.

You should see Angela at an alien panel ahead.

If you talk to her you'll find her big problem with Axis is that he used her brother as an early experiment of the sleepwalker "virus."

Once you are done talking with Angela head to the back of the room and hit the switch to turn on the bridge.

Go across the bridge and head up the stairs on the other side.

Go through the door.

There is a supply crate on the other side you can use to restock ammo and save.

After you finish head through the cave on the right.

Veer right at the cross section and into the door that way.

On the other side head to the right and read the note on the wall.

Head to the left and down the stairs to pick up another backpack schematic.

This will net you the Range Enhancer Pack.

Turn around and head up through the human cages (they will comment on it) and head to the left. Be careful rounding the corner, though, as some more enemies will ambush you.

After getting rid of those enemies head out up through the door ahead to go back out.

Head back up and to the right.

Then head to the left down the stairs.

Take cover as quick as you can as more enemies will attack here.

Keep an eye out for the Elite on the left.

There is also a new enemy here called a Phantom to watch out for as they will go invisible.

There are Sniper Elites above as well.

When the fighting is done there is an examination point on an alien terminal ahead you can use.

Then go to the door on the far right side of the room (North East of where you entered)..

Head on through the door.

Go through another alien tunnel.

Head to the right and down the passage.

At the end of the passage head to the right but be careful of the enemies ahead.

Get into cover and take out the enemies in the way.

Be aware a Muton will come in at some point as well.

When you are done head to the door to the west of where you entered (on the left side).

Inside you'll meet up with Angela again who has found what's left of her brother.

To the left of Angela you can look at a picture on the wall.

After that you can talk to Angela.

Her brother needs to be killed. It's up to you if you want to do it or have her do it.

When you are done here head back out the door you came in.

Then head to the door to the left.

Break on through to the other side.

Go down the cave.

Head to the right and continue moving forward.

At the cross section first go to the left passage.

Head through the passage and up the stairs.

Through a door in the middle of the room.

On the left side of this room is another note you can read.

If you keep going to the right of the room there is a stairway in the back. Go up the stair way and head to the left. Behind a holographic panel is another backpack schematic you can pick up.

You'll get a Reaper Pack.

When you turn around and head back down the stairs you'll be ambushed by three Outsider aliens.

After you kill them head back out the way you came but turn left now.

Head down the passage and down into the next room.

Take cover ahead as there will be more enemies.

I recommend moving around to the left to flank enemies making this fight fairly easy.

After killing all the enemies head up the stairs on the far side of the room.

And then through the door.

On the other side of the door go to your left.

Then veer right and down some more stairs.

Go out through the next door.

This will trigger a cutscene introducing you to the second boss of the game, Axis.

This fight is fairly difficult as more enemies drop in as you take down parts of Axis' shield. Maintain and stay left and this can work out. I also recommend not splitting up so you don't lose track of your agents.

When it's clear head to the left where there is an enclosure. Just above it you'll see a orange laser that shoots down to Axis' shield.

Inside hit the switch to turn off the first laser... thing.

I recommend killing any enemies that came in after you did that before moving on to the next switch.

There will be several Phantoms (who can not only turn invisble but they will also drop kick you if you come to close) and a Muton will attack as well.

After you take care of that head to left again to the next enclosure.

Go up the stairs on the left side of the building.

At the top hit the switch to take out the second laser thing.

I recommend having your agents take cover on the balcony here as they will have a decent vantage point.

Be aware, also, another Muton will drop in just ahead of that balcony.

When it's clear head to the next building on the left.

Hit the switch here to take out the last laser which will bring down Axis' shielding.

This also means he will move around to attack you now. He can teleport. Go all out on him, having your agents shoot him now as well. Give it all you got.

He should go down fairly quickly once you have your bearings on this fight.

Watch the cutscene as your mission comes to a close.